We Are The Women In This Family

We are the women in this family. We are nuturing hands, the guiding heart and the soul of our unity and integrity. We can bless each other for being the best mothers we know how to be and encourage each other to continue to grow. Support one another on that path. Release judgement from our hearts and simply feel.

We must love ourselves as deeply as we love our children, so we can show them how it’s possible for them to love themselves. We are worthy of our own love, our childrens’ love and we are beautiful alone and together. We are worthy of supportive, loving and true life partners. Partners that understand we are woman and respect our journeys. Partners who respect our feminitiy, our womanly bonds, our emotions, as well as the hard work we do providing the spirit and sacredness of a family. We can join as mothers and nuture one another, focus on our feminine energy and include our daughters in this womanly bond. There is a divine spirit that emanates from us and joins us in sisterhood. The gift we give ourselves is to nurture that energy, rapport and recognize that it’s invaluable and sacred.

We are the women of this family and what we provide is more than money and careers. Our value cannot be counted in dollars or toys. Our value is defined by us, and us alone. It is not in our nature to do this in solitary. We can rejoice our divine energy and let it flow freely, embrace it and share it with each other.

We are the women of this family. We are what makes a house a home, and our love is our childrens’ touchstone.

(Thought Of The Day From My Journal During Stay In Stanford | 9.26.13)



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