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#BeautyforAutistics | Twitter Message Sent to NYX, L’Oreal and others

21369017_10154811673102823_4770756918845866026_oI love your products soooo much. breaks my heart L’Oreal supports Autism Speaks — and markets to neurotypical (not-autistic) moms of autistic kids.

There is a HUGE community of us worldwide – 70 million strong. Two trends among autistic fashion – is loud, here I am (like me) and then the very natural look. Sensitivity is huge for our skin and scents and many other things that could be taken into consideration for this market.

Please market to we are here, we are real, and omg I’ve been a loyal customer for years and don’t want to boycott my favorite things. Believe me, autistic brand loyalty is like nothing you’ve seen.

So please, support actually autistic approved organizations and market directly to us . So damn awkward hearing about Autistics like we can’t hear folks talking about us. Please support us in Here’s an example of what marketing could look like . . .





By Eve Reiland

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