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History of American Badass Activists pt 1 | It’s Human To Think Different – YouTube

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THINKING PERSON’S GUIDE TO AUTISM: Why Autistic Students Need Autistic Role Models

How many autistic kids are truly supported in school? How can we help students avoid failure? And how do we determine what really are best practices for autism and learning? We talked with psychologist Dr. Cynthia Arnold of the Portland area’s New Leaves Clinic, Autistic self-advocate Karla Fisher, and Tasia, the parent of 14-year-old Nick, about the specific strategies […]

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Evolution of Eve | Gettin’ Married Next Week will be on honeymoon soon. I’m marrying the love of my life, Bill Reiland, next week. My son is going to Facebook live the event, about Noonish on October 14. For sure beach photos will pop up on my Instagram. While we’re celebrating, please enjoy the adventure with us. #BillEveInLove During the wedding and […]