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Meme | Checklist For Parents of Autistics

Ty to John Greally for sharing this in Autistics Worldwide. 

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#TheAutisticUnion Pledge |Thomas Sutcliffe

I pledge . . . I pledge to always uphold the principles of #TheAutisticUnion pledge. I believe firmly in every one of the ten points of this pledge. As someone who is both autistic and branch secretary of the National Autistic Society West Norfolk branch, I am doing my bit to ensure that autistic people are […]

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Gadfly On The Wall: A Public School Teacher Speaks Out On Racism And Reform – Book

Talk, talk, talk. There’s an awful lot of talk about public education in America today. Have you ever wondered if even half of it is true? For example, have you ever wondered if our public schools are really failing or if they might actually be some of the best in the world? Have you ever […]

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Safe places online for Parents of Autistic children to learn about Autism

If you’re of a certain age or younger, I’m betting that a significant portion of your time is spent on Facebook. I’m also betting that either the moment you had an inkling there was something different about your child, your first stop was the Internet. Then, once you figured it might be Autism, you started […]