Gadfly On The Wall: A Public School Teacher Speaks Out On Racism And Reform – Book


Talk, talk, talk. There’s an awful lot of talk about public education in America today. Have you ever wondered if even half of it is true?

For example, have you ever wondered if our public schools are really failing or if they might actually be some of the best in the world?

Have you ever wondered if “School Choice” was actually about giving someone else more options and reducing freedom for you and your children? Ever wondered about the relationship between standardized testing and Nazi eugenics?

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How about if teachers unions should be doing more to fight for students’ civil rights? And now that we’re talking about it, why do white people sometimes snicker at black names? And how can you protect your children from toxic testing?

Why does Common Core still exist? What’s it mean to be racist in America today? And why do the rich need racists?

If so, then you’re cordially invited on a fantastic journey where few have gone before: into the mind of a public school teacher. Become a fly on the wall in our public school system. See what few non-professionals have seen before. It’s an eye-opening experience guaranteed to ruffle a few feathers, but you’ve been warned: this is the work of a gadfly.

Praise for Gadfly On The Wall

“In his biting commentary on issues related to teaching, education reform, poverty, and racial and gender inequality, Steve Singer has been both a voice of truth and a stinging critic pointing out the deep flaws in the logic and propaganda floated by the apostles of privatization and corporate education reform.” – Yohuru R. Williams, Professor of History, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of St. Thomas, Minnesota

“Steven Singer may be the wisest and most eloquent voice we have defending public education from its many enemies. His moral compass is unfailingly sound, and his sympathies always on the side of the marginalized and forgotten.” – Mark Naison, Professor of African American Studies and History, Fordham University

“As a teacher educator I have been searching for a book written by a teacher that exposes the privatization of public education and pushes back against racist school policies and practices.” – Denisha Jones, Professor of Curriculum Theory, Pre-school Education and Teacher Education at Trinity Washington University

“Here’s the best of what you missed in one place. Inspiring and infuriating, Steven Singer is one of the best education bloggers of this generation.” – Julian Vasquez Heilig, Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at Sacramento State University

“In these troubled and troubling times, there is no one who writes more passionately about public education, teachers, and the struggle for justice and equity than Steve Singer.” – Peter Greene, Education blogger and teacher

“Thought-provoking. A concise source of valuable information, and definitely worth preserving in book form.” – Mercedes Schneider, PhD., Teacher, researcher, blogger and author of Common Core Dilemma: Who Owns Our Schools? and School Choice: The End of Public Education?

“Steven Singer’s Insightful, perceptive, informative and powerful posts are helping to educate, persuade and mobilize people to fight back against the charter school industry and those seeking to privatize public education in the United States.” – Jonathan Pelto, Founder and Coordinator of the Education Bloggers Network

“Steve Singer writes from the front lines of the public school wars with wit and intelligence.” – Jessie B. Ramey, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Gender & Women’s Studies and Director of the Women’s Institute at Chatham University, author of the Yinzercation blog


About the Author

Steven Singer is an 8th grade Language Arts teacher in western Pennsylvania. He is a National Board Certified Teacher and has an MAT from the University of Pittsburgh. He is Director of the Research and Blogging Committee for the Badass Teachers Association, and is co-founder of the Pennsylvania-based education budget advocacy group T.E.A.C.H. (Tell Everyone All Cuts Hurt). He ran a successful campaign through against the since repealed Voter ID law in the Keystone State. He joined United Opt Out as an administrator in 2016. He is a member of the Education Bloggers Network.

His writing on education and civil rights issues has appeared in The Washington Post, Education Week, the LA Progressive,, Portside Navigator and has been featured on Diane Ravitch’s site. He blogs at Follow him on Twitter @StevenSinger3.

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