Judith Newman, How Do You Like Me Now? | Eve Reiland #boycotttosiri

Dear Judith,

Remember when you were throwing shade at one of my people?


You noted that you could’ve brought Amythest’s work to a wider audience. After a few days, I see that you actually have. So thank you for that.

Judith Newman your book is the Autistic’s #Stonewall. Thank you for that too.

Just overnight, The Autistic Cooperative (International Activists Here) has grown over 100 new members ready to join the civil rights fight for #Autistics — Lotsa NT-parents of Autistics too. We’re all tired of this shit. It’s time to stop the smear of our people in abelist-mommy-vomit books like yours.

For the record: You don’t’ get to dictate the Autistic community’s narrative. You are an Autistic illiterate and have no business inserting your words into our conversation — and then lording your words as more important and not meant for the “autistic audience.” DUH we already FUCKING KNOW that.

Exclusion and bullying – OMG we know it when we see it. We are Autistic, obviously. . . . These are the hallmarks of our social lives — you need to stop bullying my people too. You can’t bitch’splain that away.

Guess what,  we’re not going anywhere. Not even in the face of big meanie billionaires and crowds of haters — we’re used to that. LOL, we have decades of that. We’re tired of it — so stop this shit. Doubt you will — so perhaps a Google search for a smaller, sturdier violin for playing your histrionics. 

eve reilandOh, and you know, after seeing your post about “wider exposure” thought I’d join in and help you find appropriate exposure for your book, “To Love With Siri.” How’s that going for you?

In conclusion to the latest developments, here is my official stance: JUDITH NEWMAN, STEP THE FUCK OFF MY BLOCK. I am an Autistic Mom and #AutsiticMamaBear — and will protect my community from fucktwats like you.

Evolve already.


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