‘Autistic’ Is Not An Insult

Queerly Autistic

I’ve seen a proliferation of people using the term ‘autistic’ to describe someone or something that they don’t like.

And I have some things I would like to say. 

This isnt a new phenomenon (whether we’re talking about people using ‘autistic’ as an insult or the phenomena of me having something to say). Itssomething that has been bouncing around for a while, but it’s been seemingly thrown in my face in a big way over these last few week. Which is why I’ve decided to sit down and hash out a few words about it.

I know that there are people out there who would scoff and declare that ‘they’re just words’. And they are, of course, correct. To a degree. They are indeed ‘just words’. But words have meanings. That’s kind of their whole point. Words mean things. And because they mean things, they have power.

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