Autistic Adventures In Ageing (an obligatory birthday blog)

Queerly Autistic

According to the laws of time progression, I am now 26 years old.
I had intended to write a birthday blog on my actual birthday (Saturday), but unfortunately the universe decided to give me a taste of my ‘closer to 30 than 20’ future – I twisted my lower back whilst walking the dogs and spent my birthday weekend laid up on the couch.

With my upcoming transition to the second half of my twenties, I was already set on doing an introspective piece on where I am with my life and the intricacies of aging as a queer autistic woman. The ‘you’re not as young as you think you are’ nature of my current injury only reinforces that this is a discussion I would like to have.

I have a nasty habit of comparing where I am at 26 to where other people are/were at 26. This is an…

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