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Wake. Bake. Caffeinate. | Bringing the #MeToo Movement to Fresno/Clovis. First up: Louis C. Brosi III, @Field_House559

bringing #metoo to fresno, clovis. First: Louis C. Brosi III – Field House. Fundraising for Marjaree Mason Center and getting kudos and he’s known for physically assaulting women. ROs. Really? No KUDOS for this man. None.


Why Is An Abuser Allowed to Host Fundraisers for Marjoree Mason Center and Get Social Kudos? Why? #metoo| Field House (Fresno, CA)

Update: Receiving more reports of women being assaulted by Lousi C. Brosi.  More posts coming soon.

Seriously, WTF?!?!?!

WTF, seriously? The owner of Field House — Lousi C Brosi — was arrested for physically assaulting his girlfriend in 2014.

Had a Restraining Order for a year. NOW has another one for continued abuse.

Louis C Brosi, Owner of FieldHouse

Does Marjaree Mason Center know they are working with an abuser here? That’s tainted donations right there.

Wolf in sheep’s clothing getting patted on the back for support abused women while he’s a known and current abuser. WTF, this has to stop!

Clovis/Fresno where’s your #metoo movement?

Clovis Unified Field House Marjaree Mason Center Jim Boren

The Fresno Bee

Exhibit 1




Proof of service of DV-130, Restraining Order After Hearing (Order of Protection) filed. Served on Louis C. Brosi III by mail service on 09.07.14


Exhibit 2





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