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Victim Shaming & Slander Game Against #MeToo Movement in Fresno/Clovis Brought To You By FieldHouse559 & Jennifer Willis @Jennsfourlove (Fresno)

NOTE: This story was created to slander Chris Roup, who has a current temporary restraining order against Louis. C Brosi. There is a court date for a permanent restraining order. Louis C Brosi had a restraining order on him previously as well. Others have been attempted, and then settled out of court and silenced.  This […]

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Racist road rage rant |

A Fresno man has become infamous for a racist rant posted on social media. Source: Racist road rage rant |

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We are a diverse collection of concerned non-partisan Canadians, comprised of Autistics, family members, and allies, who seek to alert Canadians and the world to the corrupt government practice and organizations.   CrAP was formed in 2017 as a response to actively oppose the Conservative Party of Canada and its very own, exclusive Canadian Autism […]