Adaptations – DeveReaux’s Newfound Words

The nature of my connection to her

Twists as branches, rooting me deep

In skepticism and optimism tall like grass

I traverse the plains of her words

Climbing the traverse of what she says

And what’s really meant in what she does not

Sometimes I push too much, and like a child

Burrows deeper in self defense

Other times I ask too little, and I leave her

Waiting in earnest for what will never come

I am a storm that promises showers for hours

But instead brings humidity and annoyance

Then finally three drops of rain

I’m forever changing, forever adapting

But I forget that if we don’t modify together

We can never be singular in purpose

So I close over

A dying rose in the palm of your hand

I am beauty and fragility in effervescent song

Sung for a million years in the tunes

Of stars who went out a long time ago

Source: Adaptations – DeveReaux’s Newfound Words

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