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2013 Autism One Conference – Generation Rescue | Jenny McCarthy’s Autism Organization

With over 150 of the leading doctors, scientists and researchers attending this year’s AutismOne/Generation Rescue Conference in Chicago, IL it’s sure to be one of the most educational and enjoyable events of the year!

Recovery is Real – Jenny McCarthy’s Keynote

Saturday, May 26 – 10:30am

This year, Jenny McCarthy will share the story of how she healed her son through biomedical treatment and will answer the questions YOU sent to us on Facebook to deliver an inspiring and informative keynote speech.

Following Jenny’s keynote she will be hanging out in the GR Lounge to meet parents and sign books, be sure to stop by!


Care for the Caregivers Lounge at AutismOne

This May we are taking our idea of providing a fun and relaxing environment for parents and caregivers to the next level!

From special giveaways for the ladies (think vitamins & nail polish) to warm GFCF treats from some of our favorite brands (think Udi’sdaiyaSo Delicious Dairy Free & Allergy Free Foods) to getting the chance meet and ask questions of the knowledgeable staff at Enzymedica, Dr. Kartzinel of Kartzinel HealthBioRay and Biocidin; to meeting the creators of Healthy Souls.

And for the kiddos, this year we’re kicking up the fun factor a notch and including a mini playground for kids of all ages provided by KOMPAN.

Oh….did we mention that both Jenny McCarthy and Dr. Jerry Kartzinel will be in the lounge!!

At Autism One you’ll go beyond the typical conference experience! Come learn, make new friends and take a moment to do something fun for yourself. That’s why we call it the Care for the Caregivers Lounge – guilt free respite & relaxation will be provided and enjoyed.

We hope to see you there! For more info, visit our website.


Volunteers Needed for AutismOne

We are looking for volunteers to help in the GR Lounge, Thursday, May 24 – Saturday, May 27. No experience is necessary, training on–site and shifts can be coordinated with your conference schedule. If you are interested, please contact Stephanie.Rotondi@ We truly appreciate your support.

5th Annual Rescue Our Angels Event Hosted By Jenny McCarthy

Thursday, May 24 – Rockit Bar & Grill, Chicago IL 
Inspired by the improvement seen in their 10-year-old daughter, Caelan, from biomedical and behavioral therapies, parents Michele & Peter Doyle host the annual Rescue Our Angels benefit for GR. Through this annual event they hope to give other families the same opportunity and hope to heal their children.

Please join us this year for a wonderful evening as we raise awareness and funds to support families in need.

Buy Tickets

Featured Speakers & Sessions

Mending Autism with Dr. Jerry Kartzinel

Friday, May 25 – 5:00pm

Dr. Jerry Kartzinel, Board Certified Pediatrician and NY Times Best Selling Author, will present many of the concurrent medical and treatable problems that affect children diagnosed with Autism. He will also present the keys to manage complex issues, including recurrent illness; sleep disruptions; problems with speech, focus, and concentration; and bowel problems such as constipation, diarrhea, and inflammatory bowel disease.

Download Dr. Jerry’s Session Handout

Digestive Challenges & Solutions Associated with ASDs with Tom Bohager

Sunday, May 27 – 10:30am

ASDs are most often accompanied by digestive distress. This distress ranges from stomach aches, diarrhea and constipation to food intolerances, food allergies and malabsorption. Tom will discuss the most common symptoms and the solutions that can help. Specific restrictive diets and enzyme therapy will be featured in this presentation.

Download Tom’s Session Handout

Auditory Hypersensitivity & ASDs: A Treatable Condition with Alex Doman

Sunday, May 27 – 9:00am

This talk describes auditory hypersensitivities, the systems involved, methods for evaluation, and treatment options including TLP Spectrum™. These children have negative emotional reactions to sounds and to situations where the sounds are present. It is possible to desensitize these negative emotional reactions and reprogram the emotional memory system so the children are no longer frightened by or find sounds uncomfortable.

Cooking to Boost Developmental Skills with Gabrielle Kaplan

Sunday, May 27 – 8:00am

Cooking can help parents and children build connection and communication. In this workshop, we’ll explore ways to frame the cooking experience to be successful for children of all abilities and teach how cooking can help children work on fine & gross motor skills, communication, language, literacy, math, sensory integration, and most importantly, relationship-building. Author of The Kitchen Classroom Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer shares strategies that she uses with her children.

Download Gabrielle’s Session Handout

Four Opportunities to Hear Dr. Dan Rossignol Speak, Sessions Include:

Friday, May 25 – 7:30pm
Interactive Q&A with Leading Physicians and Parents

Saturday, May 26 – 3:00pm
Cerebral Folate Auto-antibodies in Autism: Testing and Treatment

Sunday, May 27 – 8:00am
Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment for Neurological Conditions

Sunday, May 27 – 11:30am
Introduction to the Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs (MAPS)

Learn more about Dr. Rossignol’s sessions and download his handouts.

Sensory Integration Solutions with Kristin Selby Gonzalez

Sunday, May 27 – 8:00am

Everything we think, feel, smell, touch and hear involves our senses. Many of our children (at any age) are struggling to block out the input. Many are exhibiting behaviors such as toe walking, hand flapping, hitting, humming, rocking, covering their ears, and the list goes on. Receive tips on and tools for understanding and helping your children today. It is not about stomping out the symptoms; it is about understanding how to set up our children for success rather than failure.

Age of Autism The Year in Review & All WE Can Handle. WE’RE No Mother Teresa with Kim Stagliano

Friday, May 26 – 4:00pm and 5:00pm

Join the team, Editor Dan Olmsted, Editor-At-Large Mark Blaxill and Managing Editor Kim Stagliano as they present a review of the stories that affected the autism community throughout 2011 and early 2012.

Join Kim Stagliano, author, Managing Editor of Age of Autism & Mom to 3 daughters w/ ASD for laughter and shared stories of how none of us is Mother Teresa (or St. Peter). We’ll talk about diagnosis, growing up, bullying, school issues and for those with older kids, “what’s next.” The session will be interactive (don’t worry, Kim will not attempt to saw you in half on stage) and follows the AofA presentation. Feel free to bring a cocktail.

Adrenals and a Review of Other Hormones Including Thyroid and Growth Hormone

Sunday, May 27 – 12:30pm

Dr. West will discuss the hormonal pathways and how they have been affected by chronic illness and stress. We will focus mostly on the adrenals. People are scared of the word hormone, but remember, this includes “STRESS ” hormones. One of the reasons good fats are so important is because fats are the precursors to our hormones. We will discuss how this allows for inflammation to persist, including what I call “mental inflammation.” We all know how much inflammation plays a role in our children’s illness.

KEYNOTE: The Micobial Track with Luc Montagnier

Friday, May 25 – 11:30am

There is in the blood of most autistic children-but not in healthy children-DNA sequences that emit, in certain conditions, electromagnetic waves. A therapy first started by a group of independent clinicians and now performed in conjunction with laboratory observations reinforces the idea that systemic bacterial infections play a role in the genesis of symptoms of autism. Our GPs have observed that a long-term therapy consisting of successive antibiotic treatments with accompanying medications induced in 60% of cases a significant improvement-sometimes even a complete resolution of symptoms. Our working hypothesis is that immune dysfunction associated with inflammation of the intestinal mucosa leads to the introduction of bacterial components, including neurotoxins,
into the bloodstream, creating oxidative stress as well as microvascularities, especially affecting meningeal vessels and finally specific neuronal damage.

View the Full List of Speakers and Sessions on the AutismOne Website

View the Full List of Special Events


Source: 2013 Autism One Conference – Generation Rescue | Jenny McCarthy’s Autism Organization

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