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The money behind AutismOne – Exposing AutismOne


AutismOne is part of a large and very wealthy network of anti-vaccine activists. Until this year, the AutismOne conference was called AutismOne/Focus For Health, but this year they have dropped Focus For Health from the name, despite Focus for Health being their primary source of funding. Both AutismOne and Focus for Health have significant financial ties to other anti-vaccination powerhouses such as the NVIC and Generation Rescue, Jenny McCarthy’s organization, although the affiliation with Generation Rescue was dropped in 2014.

A 2015 report from CNN outlined the financial connections between these organizations. Much of the anti-vaccine propaganda can be traced back to a few sources who have used their wealth to make it appear as if there is a large group of independent scientists supporting this movement. However, these are not independent organizations funding independent scientists. The few families and individuals responsible for funding the organizations are arguably financially responsible for the entire anti-vaccination, anti-autism movement.

Source: The money behind AutismOne – Exposing AutismOne

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