Vaccines and Autism – Exposing AutismOne

Vaccines don’t cause autism. In response to concern from the public, this has been studied over and over and over and the result is always the same: there is no association between vaccines and autism (read here for an extensive discussion on the Thoughtscapism blog and here for a discussion of the evidence on The Logic of Science blog).

Anti-vaccine activists consistently shift the goal posts in this “debate”. One day they say the problem is mercury, but evidence shows this to be false. Then they claim it’s the aluminum, but evidence shows this to be false. Eventually, the only thing left to claim is that it’s a giant CDC conspiracy that calls all the evidence question. It’s a pseudoscientific game of whack-a-mole to find evidence that supports their predetermined conclusion (which is exactly the opposite of how science works).

Here are some science- and evidence-based resources about the lack of evidence for a connection between vaccines and autism despite extensive research exploring this hypothesis. We have tried to select a few articles that cover as much ground as possible instead of including every article and every blog post ever written debunking the imagined link.


Source: Vaccines and Autism – Exposing AutismOne

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