Advocates & Activists BS & The Quackery Divergent News | My response to Board of AutismBC via Mirella Russell

NOV 10, 2018 — 

To The Board of AutismBC

My name is Mirella Russell. I am a huge advocate of inclusion which is aligned with AutismBC values.

Having a child on a spectrum I fight constantly for his rights. Recently I was made aware that Laurie Guerra, a board of directors of Autism BC attended a secret anti-SOGI rally in Surrey.

It is my strong belief that you cannot stand in a high position advocating for one group and discriminating against another. By supporting a director who is homophobic and transphobic you are taking a stance against LGBTQ+ community.

This is a person representing your organization. I understand AutismBC is apolitical but it is hypocritical to have a person in position of power representing your organization and advocating hatred.

That is not inclusion. I have started a petition to have Laurie Guerra removed from her position. If your organizations values inclusion it should support all children. In fact many children on the spectrum identify themselves as LGBTQ+.

There is nothing political about being inclusive, but if your motto is inclusion than it applies to all.


By Eve Reiland

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10 replies on “ | My response to Board of AutismBC via Mirella Russell”

Mirella Russell, you are very misinformed. Homosexuality, transgenderism & autism are three very separate issues & these 3 very separate issues should not be conflated into one discussion. They are 3 separate discussions. Homosexual behaviour is unhealthy & dangerous to your health & therefore homosexual behaviour should not be affirmed & celebrated not should this unhealthy behaviour be “included” as something normal & acceptable. To read about the vast medical risks & unhealthy consequences of homosexuality, read the links to medical research & data that has been compiled on this blog.

Furthermore, transgenderism should also not be embraced as normal with very complicated unintended consequences that are dangerous & irreversible. To read about the medical research surrounding this issue


Mirella, you obviously didn’t read my links but I read yours. Man cannot be woman & woman cannot be man. I’m not autistic nor can I identify as autistic & transition into being an autistic person. Either you are autistic or you’re not. It is not hateful to simply state the obvious. Men & women are different. Pope agrees with me & states transgenderism is a sin. Here are Pope’s words. Are you trying to suggest the Pope is full of hate? Anybody who disagrees with you & your opinion is automatically full of hate? Why do you think like this? It’s all about yourself & what you think. Nobody is allowed to have an opinion different from yours? How about I start a petition to have your husband fired because I don’t like your opinion? You are a woman in VERY DEEP pain because your child is autistic but don’t transfer that pain to a totally unrelated issue of transgenderism. Confusion about your sex/gender is a totally separate issue from autism. Don’t conflate two completely separate issues. Most people in the public realize you are a very confused woman.


Wrong. I know a lot about autism. I also know autism is completely unrelated to homosexuality & transgenderism. Totally separate issues.


Mirella, you are so ignorant. Can you please explain why you support homosexuality when there are so many significant medical consequences associated with gay male sex? 25% of gay men will eventually be infected with HIV. Meanwhile, the HIV infection rate in the heterosexual population is less than 0.1%.

Gay men only comprise 3-5% of the population but gay men account for over over 65% if HIV infections annually. Gay men are also disproportionately affected with sexually transmitted diseases, parasites & infection. One of the reasons is because once a body is infected with HIV, it becomes more susceptible to other diseases & infections. Living a life as a gay man is very dangerous to health.

Homosexuality is completely unrelated to autism. Please do not mix up two totally separate issues. Your ignorance is very obvious.


Mirella, you are a hater. You refuse to allow people with different opinion than yours to speak. You claim to be inclusive but you refuse to include the opinions of those who disagree with you For this reason, I will start a petition to have your husband fired. Since you think it’s acceptable for you to eliminate others from their position, I intend to do the same to your husband.


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