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BS & Quackery Alert! | A therapy for autism … that may have been out-of-reach for Valley families is now offered in Fresno. | Misinformation Spread via @ABC30

ABC30 Action News

November 21 at 11:30 AM · 

A therapy for autism and other neurological disorders that may have been out-of-reach for Valley families is now offered in Fresno.

Read more here:

Nat Le Brun 
Deficient? You’re actually calling us deficient if we aren’t verbal? I have friends who are non-verbal who would completely disagree with this. One has three doctorates. Why on Earth should we be forced to communicate verbally if it’s not something our brain is programmed to do? There are other forms of communication and we should not be forced to fit into the neurotypical world. These treatments may make it more comfortable for the parents but they don’t necessarily make it so for the autistic person

Jennifer Marie Davis

Jennifer Marie Davis I’m sorry but it’s been shown that our brains are overdeveloped and that synapses that should be cleared or removed through development are not. I think it’s time to stand up in Fresno and get rid of quackery

Jennifer Marie Davis

Jennifer Marie Davis OMG I went against ABA and other crappy therapy in the Fresno autism group and they offered to send me resources and told me most autistic people actually like ABA or even if hey don’t the most or majority I speak of that hate ABA are not all autistic people. Ignorance is fleeting but stupid is forever right? 😑

Eve Reiland

Eve Reiland Here’s the last one I’ll share … the international autistic human rights charter.

Robert Gehrman Âû

Robert Gehrman Âû Thank You Eve Reiland ❤ From an #ActuallyAutistic guy

Christa Holmans

Christa Holmans As an autistic person this video is very stigmatized and hurtful

Emma Dalmayne

Emma Dalmayne I can’t watch it the eBay advert starts ends then starts again repeatedly.1ManageAngryLikeLoveHahaWowSadAngry 

Eve Reiland

Eve Reiland dang

Alex Cockell

Alex Cockell I took part in the original MRI and fpet scanning studies for Uta Frith back in 1997 and 2000. Both were at places off Russell Square in London iirc.

Nada Whincop

Nada Whincop This is not therapy. It is the abuse of very, very vulnerable people for profit.ManageLike · Reply · 43m

Eve Reiland

Eve Reiland Autistic Crisis is now. [TW: suicide]

Robert Gehrman Âû

Robert Gehrman Âû Thank You ❤

Eve Reiland

Eve Reiland So I went and looked at this doctor’s website … we’ve got quackery, misinformation, outright lies, looks like chelation being promoted right on the site and other “natural” products. Even says “Recovery” and refers to misbehavior patterns … and just a bunch of woowoo bs.

Autistic kid are not lab rats – they aren’t experiments and there ought to be laws regulating the BS and quackery and money scams that gank vulnerable parents to dig into their pocketbooks. I’m so disappointed at the lack of acceptance here and the outright autistic illiteracy. 

How many autistic kids are getting their brains jacked with … for hope? 

We are born autistic. We will die autistic. Have you ever seen what “vitamins and supplements” does to autistic kids to rid them of the autism toxins? 

Do you know what the #1 cause of death for autistic people is? … Suicide. 

Our average lifespan is 36 years. This is the same for us worldwide. 

We don’t die because we’re born autistic … we die young due to the stress of living in a world that doesn’t accept differences. We mask, we have autistic burnout (it can kill us), and you know have the largest population density in our minority group for transgender, non-binary, pansexual, polyamourus , and lgbt.

Autistics around the world are fighting quackery and abuse. This interview was so irresponsible and promoted autistic quackery to so many parents … and rare few are asking about how this helps their child … how it harms their child … how about ethics …

the latest is #mms/bleach to “recover’ children from autism.

Chelation, turpentine, restrictive diets … have you seen what it does to kids? Do you know autistic moms of autistic kids work day and night to stop this?

Robert Gehrman Âû

Robert Gehrman ÂûABC30 Action News fuck you. Retract NOW!!! From an #ActuallyAutisticManage

Anne Mpmc

Anne Mpmc As an autistic adult that makes me nauseated. We don’t need treatment, we are not sick. We are different. I feel so bad for the abuse of autistic children through therapy. A few decades ago gay people had to endure the same ordeal, I pray that I will live to see the world finally listen to us autistics and stop trying to change us.

Nat Le Brun

Nat Le Brun Anne Mpmc sadly the LGBT community still face it in religious circles as well

Lupe Avila

Lupe Avila I highly recommend The Microniome diet book on Amazon and Grain Brain. This is amazing! I’m glad they are acknowledging that diet has alot to do with it…I have has biofeedback treatments myself for other reasons and saw results. It’s amazing

Chelsea McCue

Chelsea McCue It sucks they don’t take medical. So it leaves a lot of families wanting to try this but may not have the means to pay out of pocket. Maybe one day those kids on medical will be able to benefit from new kinds of treatments

Holly Northcross

Holly Northcross I would like to see the research on this …..

Mikie Romig

Mikie RomigSandra Gee…u hear bout this?

Sandra Gee

Sandra GeeMikie Romig well that’s pretty awesome

Olivia Barry

Olivia Barry We are seeing this dr and have seen improvements already. The passion he has for his patients is amazing.

Jessica Quintana

Jessica Quintana Did you have to pay out of pocket? I’ve tried a place similar to this but they did not take both of our insurances and it was sooo pricey

Olivia Barry

Olivia BarryJessica Quintana yes we are paying out of pocket

Crafty Chica

Crafty Chica Hi Olivia Barry, can I get the doctors contact info?

Olivia Barry

Olivia Barry Crafty Chica 
‭+1 (559) 389-0309

Desiree Martinez Rossette

Desiree Martinez Rossette Great news.

Amanda Aguilar

Amanda Aguilar Olivia Barry can I have info as well please.

Olivia Barry

Olivia Barry Amanda Aguilar 
The office number is listed above. 👆
Dr. Dennis Redubula 

Eve Reiland

Eve Reiland what kind of improvements?

Olivia Barry

Olivia Barry Eve Reiland 
Eating more foods. Saying some words, aware of his surrounding, playing with his brother, and listening better

Sam Perry

Sam Perry So you mean….developing at one’s own pace like we are already designed to do? Or being behaviorally coerced into doing such things?

Olivia Barry

Olivia Barry Sam Perry do you have a child with autism? Your comment sounds like you don’t walk this path.

Danijela Turner

Danijela Turner Olivia Barry Actually I don’t know Sam Perry but from the content of the comment she has made, I’m going to deduce that she understands autism better than most people on this thread.

And this is coming from an autistic adult (myself). Autistic children being behaviourally coerced into ‘development’ which non-autistic persons have decided is acceptable, suitable, necessary at the expense of the child developing PTSD, more heightened levels of anxiety all because that is what the neurotypical world deems should be the norm.

How about I force non-autistic people into hours of therapy, restrictive diets every day for years on end so that non-autistic folk can behave like autistic people and pretend they are not really non-autistic?

After all, I deem being autistic as my ‘norm’ – and hell no to any of their bloody ‘cures’ and efforts to mould me into their arrogant version of ‘normal’.

Autism acceptance not hatred and rejection. It’s my identity. Not some foreign entity which is attacking me.

Jene Cortez

Jene Cortez Omg Raena Ramirez you should make a appointment with the dr to see about nay nay

Maria Von Trapp

Maria Von Trapp I wonder if he takes Medi-Cal Eric Rosen2

Magali Rodriguez

Magali Rodriguez This is amazing!!

Jeannette LeAnn

Jeannette LeAnn Justin has a consultation appt next week 😊

Rianna Ceren

Rianna Ceren center for autism and related disorders has had a clinic in Fresno for a while, and they take most insurances.

Megan Edwards

Megan Edwards Thank you Jesus !!! I teared up watching this. I am so happy for all the families that will soon be able to get this treatment ❤️

Stacy Manning

Stacy Manning Congrats on your amazing work, Dennis!

Irene Martinez Dazzlin Tips

Irene Martinez Dazzlin TipsMayra Garcia-Ceja.. watch this 

Andiee Hodges

Andiee Hodges I’m sure you’ve seen this, but just in case Rebecca Anne Harlow

Desiree Martinez Rossette

Desiree Martinez Rossette I’m curious what percent of kids are born typical then show signs of autism later and what percent have autism at birth? 🤔 I saw signs in my son when he was 8 months old.

Nancy Talamantes

Nancy TalamantesDesiree Martinez Rossette I’m curious about the same thing. I didn’t start seeing signs until my son was about 15 months old, at which point he slowly stopped looking into the camera and smiling when I called his name. By 18 months I knew for sure something was wrong

Courtney Saitta

Courtney Saitta Desiree Martinez Rossette clinically speaking, autism shouldn’t be diagnosed until the child is at least 3 years of age.

Kymberly Kirby Vasquez

Kymberly Kirby Vasquez Desiree Martinez Rossette I saw it at 4 months… no one believed me, but I knew it… no smiling, no laughing, so coo’ing…. now he’s 5 years and nonverbal… was diagnosed at 20 months. Always go with your gut, but like you said… some happen much later than birth.

Desiree Martinez Rossette

Desiree Martinez Rossette Courtney Saitta agreed but as a mom, I just know my kid. He failed the m chat at 15 months which opened doors for him to get early intervention. Then at 3,
He was officially diagnose went to SDc preschool etc etc. now he’s 6 and in a general education classroom.

Desiree Martinez Rossette

Desiree Martinez Rossette Kymberly Kirby Vasquez yes as moms we just know. Hope you’re all doing well

Desiree Martinez Rossette

Desiree Martinez RossetteNancy Talamantes yes, and I’m wondering if children show more progress had they had it since birth or reaching typical milestones then losing them later like this article. I have so many questions.

Nancy Talamantes

Nancy TalamantesDesiree Martinez Rossette same here. Maybe Dr. Redubla can help answer some of those questions?

Desiree Martinez Rossette

Desiree Martinez RossetteNancy Talamantes yes. I just may contact the place. I honestly don’t think anyone has the right answers. In my opinion, I feel children are born with autism.

Lupe Avila

Lupe Avila Courtney Saitta but autism is not fully understood, yet. So why is it a healthy child out of nowhere starts showing signs ? Doesn’t make sense .

Robert Gehrman Âû

Robert Gehrman Âû None of us are born neurotypical. Autistics are genetically how we are starting in utero ! However, our synaptic wiring is highly individualized, moreso than in our neurotypical peers, and thusly our differences vary and the timing of when exactly the…See M

Robert Gehrman Âû

Robert Gehrman Âû Lupe Avila it’s very offensive and a misnomer to call us unhealthy. Autism isn’t a disease, it’s merely a different neurotype.

Robert Gehrman Âû

Robert Gehrman Âû Nancy Talamantes there’s nothing WRONG with your child. FFS. Your kid is probably the next Einstein. Busy in thought and ignoring your worries.

Mari SolRosella CamposRosie Campos is Ramoncito receiving this type of therapy??

Nancy Talamantes

Nancy TalamantesGeorge Herbison watch this and read the article. We need more info on this chestnut medical group

Donna Nataly Salmeron

Donna Nataly Salmeron Thank you!!!!

Beatrice Orozco

Beatrice OrozcoVanessa Reiki is this what you were telling me about?

Vanessa Reiki

Vanessa ReikiBeatrice Orozco yes I offer neurofeedback in my private practice and brain maps. My clients with autism have benefitted greatly.

Chelsey Sherian

Chelsey Sherian There’s been places in the valley for a while now. He isn’t the only MD.

Josan DeSan

Josan DeSanHoudini time to move 🤪🤪

Houdini Santos

Houdini Santos One more reason!

Katrina Chavarria

Katrina Chavarria Thank you Dr. Derek Shepherd.

Loretta Ford

Loretta Ford Where can I find more info about that clinic to make an appointment ?

Rhonda O'Neil

Rhonda O’Neil My 12 year old daughter has childhood apraxia of speech and has recently been diagnosed with ADD inattentive type. She’s progressed a lot with speech therapy and medication but I would be very interested to find out if there is more we can do to help her.

Robert Gehrman Âû

Robert Gehrman Âû Let her communicate how and when she wants. There’s no such thing as medication for autism. Unless it’s for a co-occurring condition I’d get rid of it. I couldn’t learn well on psych meds. Signed, an #ActuallyAutistic adult

Rhonda O'Neil

Rhonda O’Neil Robert she’s not autistic. She’s has ADD (non-hyper)and Childhood Apraxia of Speech, which is a neurological disorder as opposed to a speech delay. It is only treated with intensive speech therapy. The meds aren’t for her speech disorder. The meds for the ADD have helped her focus in school and improved her grades greatly. She takes a break from the meds on weekends and holidays. I would encourage learning a little about CAS because it’s not a widely understood or known condition. She has come a very long way with speech. She has to train her mouth to do what her brain tells her to do. The connection between the two doesn’t work properly without therapy and repetition.

Rhonda O'Neil

Rhonda O’Neil Robert Gehrman Âû. Here is a link if you are interested.…/dis…/childhood-apraxia-of-speech/ManageASHA.ORGChildhood Apraxia of SpeechLike · Reply · 41m

Liz Creswick Hayashi

Liz Creswick Hayashi Yeah I’ve got big questions.

Adriana Nole

Adriana NoleKymberly Kirby Vasquez have you heard about any of this?

Kymberly Kirby Vasquez

Kymberly Kirby VasquezAdriana Nole hehe that’s my friend and her son Hudson. 💙💙💙 I hope to get in there soon!

Adriana Nole

Adriana NoleKymberly Kirby Vasquez really hoping this type of therapy is helpful.

Kymberly Kirby Vasquez

Kymberly Kirby VasquezAdriana Nole it’s really a way to figure out the “source” in a way. Every case is different. So, it’s not going to cure anyone, but it’s going to help the parents know where to direct their child’s recovery. If that makes sense. Anyone who goes to this we’ll need to also be working with a specialist at the same time.

Adriana Nole

Adriana NoleKymberly Kirby Vasquez makes sense. Hoping it helps.


Autistic moms band together to save autistic lives and stop the abuse of autistic children.

Autistic Ambassadors & Moms to Autistics, Emma Dalmayne (UK) and Eve Reiland (US), are leading the campaign with  #AutisticMomsRise on, social media and in-person in their communities.

#AutisticMomsRise is a charge to stop autistic child abuse, halt the “Hollywood Autism” misinformation spread that promotes horrific stigma and prejudice to autistic children — and bring awareness to the actual autistic community crisis.

We need help now and lifetime supports for all autistics, and keep autistic children safe from fake cures and homegrown experiments, abuse as therapy, and a lifetime traumatized by bullies — and other great harm.

Autistics grow up in a society that dehumanizes and demoralizes them in media with everyone from politicians to the neighbor using autistic as a slur.

Autistics’ #1 cause of early death is suicide – worldwide and in every culture, class and age. We have a shorter median lifespan than non-autistic people. This is not due to being Autistic, but rather living Autistic in a world that doesn’t accept us — our bodies can’t handle the stress.

The goals of #AutisticMomsRise campaign:

  • Stop Autistic Child Abuse
  • Stop Autistic Cures Quackery
  • Halt misinformation spread
  • Work on actual Autistic Community crisis needs & lifetime challenges
  • Support Autistic Child Growth & Development
  • Support Autistic Brains in Education and Careers
  • Build Actual Autistic Acceptance that includes Autistic Human Rights
  • Create Bridges Between Autistic Parents & Non-Autistic Parents and work together to create a better future for all Autistics.
  • Create an actual Autistic support network with true allies.
  • Create stronger civil rights protections with protected Autistic minority class, above and beyond current ADA disability protections.

This April for Autism Awareness Month talk to Autistic moms, autistic parents and autistic people. We have lived experience of growing up Autistic, living Autistic and parenting Autistic children. The Autistic community challenges that need addressed immediately: Stop Autistic Child Abuse and Help Autistics now.


Eve Hinson | July 2017

Eve Reiland, Autistic Ambassador, US

Twitter | @badassactivist

Founder of and co-founder of The Autistic Cooperative.

emma dalmayne

Emma Dalmayne, Autistic Ambassador, UK

Autistic Activist and Co-founder of The Autistic Cooperative.

By Eve Reiland

Contact |

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