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An Autistic Identity – The Autistic Advocate


“Some people have an identity. I have an alibi. I have a shadow self.”
– Andre Aciman

I’ve been writing a fair amount of training material recently, for myself and for several other organisations and it’s had me questioning what I want people to take away from them.  Knowledge about Autism obviously, but also the need for people to have that light-bulb moment, when I frame things in a way that tips them into a paradigm shift; so that metaphorically, as you slide the Neurodiversity paradigm in one ear, you see the pathology paradigm drop out the other side.

So much of what I and so many other Advocates talk about: Language, Masking and Burnout, the history of Autism, the diagnosis, the near constant invalidation, this need for people to have a paradigm shift at all about Autism; all leads, via a twisty, winding path through the undergrowth to one thing:


Before you begin…

Source: An Autistic Identity – The Autistic Advocate

By Eve Reiland

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