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As Seen On Facebook | RFK Jr Urges #Antivaxxers & #BleachCult to Thank Gov. @GavinNewsom

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. put a call out on social media to thank California Governor Gavin Newsom for their conversation about vaccines.

We don’t measure character or leadership by a commander’s posture during moments of comfort, but by his willingness to stand against the tides and storms of collective opinion during eras of controversy and hysteria. California Gov. Gavin Newsom has just passed that test with his wise and sober opposition to a draconian proposal to forcibly vaccinate medically fragile children against the wishes of their parents and the medical advice of their physician. Future historians may marvel at our epic as the time when the traditionally liberal California Democratic Party nearly lost its soul. The $50 billion dollar vaccine industry deployed pet politicians in a choreographed campaign of fear mongering, bigotry and demagoguery, to hijack our party and blaze the path to this shockingly cruel, coercive intrusion on fundamental human rights. The industry’s tame Pharmedia stoked the orchestrated hysteria and brought our party to the brink of compelling risky medical procedures — involving a long list of unnecessary, untested, zero liability drugs — on vulnerable children. Gov. Newsom broke the spell with a few carefully chosen words of common sense to California’s Democratic Party’s Organizing Convention on June 1. He expressed his concern about giving faceless government officials (with no medical training) veto power over vaccine exemptions deemed medically necessary by a child’s doctor. Gavin argued that those decisions should be made between patients and doctors without government involvement. “I believe in immunizations… however I do legitimately have concerns about a bureaucrat making a decision that is very personal,” Newsom said. “That’s just something we need to pause and think about.” Newsom’s quiet, thoughtful and careful reasoning somehow resonated above the deafening clamor of mob psychosis. Leave a message at 916-445-2841 thanking Gov. Newsom for his humane instincts and fearless leadership and urge him to stay strong. His twitter handle is @GavinNewsom. His email is at Let’s show him our support!

Took RFK Jr’s urge to email Gavin Newsom about Autistic Healthcare.

Here’s the email I sent:

Good morning. I’m Eve Reiland, Autistic activist, founder of, a co-founder of The Autistic Cooperative, and an Autistic mom to Autistic and non-Autistic kids.

For more than 30 years Autistics have been in a civil rights movement to be treated with basic human rights. The past twenty the community has been battling pseudo-science, lies, propaganda and more about Autistic people.

Our existence has been commodified by charities and businesses alike. Every political party seems to understand some things about Autism, but need support in learning about our culture, community and history – and to learn the difference between autism facts and myths.

And even more so about the desperation ALL Autistics face. Our suicide rates around the world are our #1 cause of early death. Our median lifespan is 36 years – not because we’re born Autistic, but because we are born into a world that is hostile to us. Most of us have had to ‘mask’ our entire lives and that causes an Autistic burnout – which many of us don’t survive. We have common, and serious, comorbidities like Elhers-Danlos syndrome. This is a very rare health complication in neurotypical people, and a very common in Autistic people.

We make up 10% of the homeless population, suffer incredible rates of incarceration as care, abuse and often murder.

Very often here in Fresno, even, Autistics are denied basic health services, especially if in a 5150 crisis, because there’s no medical protocols in place for us. The protocols have never been created.

We’ve had decades of ‘awareness’ to ‘cure’ Autistic people as our help — and we are suffering for lack of services, support, employment, housing, and appropriate education. We seek inclusion and Autistic space accommodations.

Autism Speaks spoke about the increasing numbers as a tragedy – as a burden to the world. I’m telling you, ” The Burden Generation” is now a voting generation – and it’s time for the lies, misrepresentation and exclusion to stop. We need your help. We’re still battling the same fights, over and over and over again. We need real help.

Recently, I’ve seen Robert F. Kennedy Jr. throw his support to you, and put a call out to his people. (To note: British Autistics were a force behind exposing Andrew Wakefield for his lies.) We’re still battling this here in the States on or home soil, and it only starts with eschewing vaccines. The group this man represents is know for Autism Cures. This is the ‘healing and recovery’ you hear from Jenny McCarthy, Katie Wright, Generation Rescue, TACA, AutismOne and in the beginning, but publicly denounced now, Autism Speaks. We’re fighting the ‘healing and recovery’ options – called Autism Cures. This is how this group makes money — and it’s killing and harming Autistic kids worldwide. They throw huge festivals, a summer one in California, to promote their products and myths.

In the news, you might have read about Bleach Cures for Autism and books like it getting pulled off the shelves on Amazon. That’s the work of Autistics and Allies around the world to expose and shut down this child abuse. We are out here alone in this — and every time Robert F Kennedy Jr. is seen shaking hands with a politician, we have to work even harder to help these kids. Please help us stop this cycle. Please find out more about the Autistic community, our challenges, and our hopes. Please ban autism cures and help us create a real Autistic health care system. That alone, would be a great start.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Eve Reiland

A video I created to help expose what this group does with Autism Cures:

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