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Makeup Does Not Pass Autistic Son’s Inspection | Circa Feb 2008 | Eve Reiland

Place: My house. In the hallway next to the front door.
People: Jared, Me

Me: See you Jared. Have a good day at school.

Jared: Okay. 

He looks at me strangely.

Me: What?

Jared: You look like Mimi.

Me: Who?

Jared: Mimi. Your makeup (He points a finger and zags it at my eyes)

Me: Who’s Mimi? 

Jared: You know the lady from the Drew Carey Show? The one with all the makeup spackled on.

Me: What? I have too much makeup on? (I start rubbing at my eyes) That better?

Jared: No. (I rub more) Okay. Good thing you fixed it. I didn’t want you to get sued by Drew Carey for impersonating a show character. 

Me: Um, ya thanks.

Jared: Next time you want to be like her, you should use blue. That’s the color she uses.


By Eve Reiland

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