If you promote false information about vaccines … you’re not a vaccine skeptic. You’re anti-vaccine. | Dr. Paul Offit | Circa June 21, 2019

Dr. Paul Offit 4 hrs ·  Enter Marianne Williamson and Jessica Biel. If you promote false information about vaccines that might cause children to face unnecessary risks, you're not a vaccine skeptic. You're anti-vaccine. And if you deny a mountain of evidence that counters your views, you're a conspiracy theorist.  

Inside the Radicalization-Engine of AutismOne, the Largest Anti-Vaccine Conference in America

It seemed virtually inevitable that I would be thrown out of AutismOne, a yearly conference that has been accused of being a hive of anti-vaccine sentiments, bad science, scaremongering and worthless products. The conference has, after all, ejected several science bloggers who have previously attended, as well as a Chicago Tribune journalist, a filmmaker, and …

Marianne Williamson Defends Vaccine Skepticism on ‘The View’

Self-help author and Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson joined The View on Thursday to promote policies aimed at ending violence, child poverty, and decreasing endless war. She also said some highly unfortunate shit about vaccines, for those of you wistful for the Jenny McCarthy days. Source: Marianne Williamson Defends Vaccine Skepticism on 'The View'

The Celebrity Activism Industrial Complex

When did we start trusting actors for advice on parenting and politics? In the second week of June, Jessica Biel graced the unglamorous halls of the California State legislature to oppose a bill that would create an extra layer of oversight for parents seeking medical exemptions to vaccines for their children. Jezebel broke the news that Ms. Biel, the …