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As Seen On Facebook | Message Received | Eve Reiland

Amy Russo Âû LOL, “harassing you”. Typical narcissist attitude. When someone stands up to bullies like you, you play the victim. “Mommyyy, they’re ‘harassing’ me!!!”1

Amanda Seigler Ok making a meme to patent my insult

Eve Reiland broflakes, best evah. ty for teaching me that one. forever captain ableist broflakes1

Amy Russo Âû It’s genius 🤣

Jules Edwards He cares so much about autistic people though, right? Lol. What a pos.

Amanda Seigler its a masterpiece

Robert Gehrman Âû What an absolute douchenozzle.

Rolo Rium Âû What’s a broflake?

Eve Reiland i know … snowflake, basic bro all rolled into one is my thinking

Rolo Rium Âû What a cockwomble

Eve Reiland cockwomble – i must remember this one

Amanda Seigler Rolo Rium Âû a broflake is a sensitive white male who suffers from toxic masculinity

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