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I walk my way until I find myself in front of the entrance of that sh*t hole which basically was the reason why we protested last day.
The MAS (Maison d’Accueil Spécialisé) of Pavillon-Sous-Bois 93 is the place which has been mistreating its autistics inmates for year now until the last straw generated a scandal last July when we learned that 3 inmates aged between 21 and 29 where constantly assaulted beaten with sticks to bruises and threatened by cowa…. Erh I mean… “good hearted” caregivers.
There were more victims over the time than just three.
Apparently the abuses is as old as the structure since it is said that similar cases was already real since 1993 as far back as we can know by now.
I walked near the facility on the opposite side of the road.
I could barely distinguish to the window turning his back to it a young boy in a blue shirt, probably an inmate.
Things can still happen that way.

Things have to change.
Don’t ever touch my autistic sibling your damn f**kers!



Activism International

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