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Just a note on videos and other things I create … | Eve Reiland

Just a note on videos and other things I create: I do my best to present information in multiple formats: written, audio, video and so on.

I process slowly and need multiple formats myself with my cognitive disabilities these days.

I’m not able to do transcripts and many of the other accessibility parts I’d love to have with these. I need those for my own understanding and totally get how important it is.

However, I’m also disabled. My disabilities preclude me to being able to do it all. And we need more in terms of support there when creating. So yes, I know accessibility is an issue. I don’t like it – but the issue is on both sides here for me to create and for others to have transcripts and so on.

If I wait to make all of this included, I’ve silenced myself. I don’t have access to support or help in these areas.

On the William Shatner video, I used Lumen5. It’s free. Anyone can do this. I don’t know how to modify the sound and since I’m hearing impaired can’t judge how loud it is to others and my sensory overload is fast, I listen to everything on mute unless otherwise a purposeful need to turn volume on.

To those that don’t know, my life is very much house-bound due to my sensory integration issues. Going out is very planned, often very short and has to be on my good days for sure.

What none of you probably know, other than my hubby Bill and those very close to me, I have seizures every. fucking. day. Thankfully, many are small and I can recover more quickly. Then there are ones like I had last Tuesday, that can take a week or two to really recover from.

This is Functional Neurological Disorder about 2013 — having 50 seizures a day or more.

So just to note, I do my absolute best when creating content. I do it with cognitive impairment, memory drops, severe daily pain you most likely can’t grasp (thankfully), Often I can type but not process to read what I wrote. I have to have help with backread and such. When and if its available.

I leave myself notes so I remember what I was working on and don’t forget it completely for life (my memory fades and focus is a severe one folks due to functional neurological disorder and ptsd)

In the making of the William Shatner video, I had a minimum of ten seizures with two mega-hard hitters.

If you think my efforts at advocacy content aren’t good enough — and you can do better – please, go FUCKING DO IT. Your support of the community is absolutely needed.

Otherwise, hit mute.




Life Before and After FND & PTSD


Take off the mask | Seizures with FND

Info on Functional Neurological Disorder

By Eve Reiland

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