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#BILLYMANNRECEIPTS | @BILLYMANN: It’s a false binary if you think it’s “cure autism” or “ignore all actual medical issues”

???: Autism is an umbrella term for an entire neurological state of being, mind and body.

It is a term covering a wide range of people. It is a term that includes a person’s self – what some might call their soul.

You probably understand this to some extent, with your own children. All we know scientifically is that is 80%+ genetic. So your next revelation may be an even more surprising one.

Please stop wishing people out of existence. It’s a false binary if you think it’s “cure autism” or “ignore all actual medical issues”. And if an autistic person is saying you’re being too black and white … you really, really, probably are.

If you want help finding places for your autistic children to be accepted and develop culturally and communicatively try autistic-run ones. Many welcome non-autistic folk but might help you see a world that is actually able to cater to the beauty of autistic people, whilst accommodating and not ignoring disabilities and struggles.

Online, this is an amazing (albeit demanding) space for non-autistic parents to get advice from autistic adults re: autistic kids

By Eve Reiland

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