The insanity of French Psychiatry and it’s perception of Autism | Fiona O’Leary

Being an Autism Advocate and campaigning for the rights of Autistic people I am well versed on various Quack ‘Cures’ and unregulated ‘Treatments’. However nothing could prepare me for the horror and shock of how French Psychiatry views Autism.

I have Aspergers and two of my five beautiful children are also on the Autistic Spectrum.

During my Autism studies in University I came across many different perceptions and theories of Autism but there can be none so backward and downright ludicrous as the French Psychoanalytic approach to Autism.

In France Psychoanalysts seem to have the reign on conditions such as Autism.

They do not view Autism as a Neurodevelopmental condition but see it as a malady passed to the child by lack of contact and love from the Mother. Keeping alive the dreaded “Refrigerator Mother’ theory once championed by Psychologist  Bruno Bettleheim, which has been gladly dismissed by modern Society. …

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