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Fierce Autistic Advocate: Quackery Exposed: The Nemechek Protocol

Source: Fierce Autistic Advocate: Quackery Exposed: The Nemechek Protocol

Overview of the Protocol and History

Everyone has heard of it but no one knows what it is. Here it is explained. The Nemechek Protocol was developed by Dr. Patrick Nemechek from Nemechek Consultative Medicine. He is an internal medicine doctor. He claims to be an expert in the Autonomic Nervous system. It is their belief that autistic people and people with other developmental disabilities are lacking autonomic nervous system function. He says “I can explain the underlying cause of most diseases in just 13 words: ‘the failure of our brains sets into motion the failure of our bodies.'”

According to this protocol, it rehabilitates the brain by targeting the autonomic function of the brain. It is supposed to strengthen the immune system by supporting the body’s ability to control inflammation.

The protocol is made up for four components:

He believes by restoring the equilateral in the body that the “symptoms” of the “disease” will be eliminated.

By Eve Reiland

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