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Help Autistics Protest The Anti-vaxxer #Bleachcult Conference in Chicago This May | #ProtestAutismOne2020

OMG this is fabulous! Fierce Autistics and Allies is now listed on Facebook!

Much love to you Amanda Seigler for gathering us together in an non-profit organization here in the USA to help Autistics fight for our human and civil rights, and to protest abuse and other horrible practices aimed at Autistic people today.

Amanda Seigler

Autistics have been in a civil rights movement for over 30 years. We’re connected together now worldwide and we’re not standing down. We stand together.

And one of the ugliest groups that harm Autistic children and vulnerable people is AutismOne. This is home of the #antivaxxer #bleachcult (and related to all the other quackery that’s come before like chelation, hbot, and more)

You know what that means? The organization is Facebook legit now and …. YES, I’m going to ask you for your support in helping Autistics and Allies get to Chicago to protest the #antivaxxer #bleachcult commodification and abuse of Autistic people.

I myself do need support in making this Chicago trip with Hubby. He’s also my care person. I’d greatly appreciate any and all help

Emma Dalmayne in the UK, my twinnie (haven’t met her yet in person), will be there if we can raise enough funds. The impact of her work is known worldwide.

Emma Dalmayne

I’ll be there if we can raise enough funds. Every Autistic and Ally we can support through donations, will get there.

Many, many, many Autistics right now are working hard to get there and we don’t have the support of the big money like these non-profit organizations who aren’t helping us in this fight – and we don’t have the money lining our pockets like the #antivaxxer people (they are banking millions and millions off of this fight)

Most Autistic activists are living near or far under poverty level – many have been using their phones while homeless to keep up the activism, to help get us heard.

Eve Reiland

Please help us get to Chicago this May.

Thank you for your consideration.


Eve Reiland

#ProtestAutismOne2020 #LightItUpGold #ProudlyAutistic #AllAutistics

Note added: Donations can also be made via PayPal to

One reply on “Help Autistics Protest The Anti-vaxxer #Bleachcult Conference in Chicago This May | #ProtestAutismOne2020”

I don’t need to protest I just need to root for the corona virus to continue being a thing of public concern enough that they cancel the event for safety reasons. Which it is highly likely it will get especially bad there considering the population density of Chicago is high and other big cities are canceling events left and right.


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