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e-Speaks || March 26, 2010

Congress Passes Health Care Reform, but the Battle for Autism Insurance Reform Continues

Autism Speaks is committed to autism insurance reform that includes coverage of all medically necessary, evidence-based treatments for all people living with autism spectrum disorders.

While passage of health care reform will bring some relief to families caring for a child with autism, the legislation still falls short of eliminating marketplace discrimination by insurers for those diagnosed with autism. There is still much work to be done in state legislatures and in Congress to make effective health care coverage a reality for the autism community and to bring about an end to discrimination against individuals with autism by the insurance industry. To learn more about what health care reform means to the autism community, visit our Autism Speaks Blog

Autism Speaks to Mark World Autism Awareness Day

Autism Speaks announced a series of international events to mark the third annual World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD), a global effort to heighten awareness about autism, celebrated on April 2. Events begin on March 31 and will take place throughout April around the world, in venues ranging from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, to the Empire State Building and Canada’s CN Tower. Get involved in World Autism Awareness Day and tell us how you are celebrating via the Light It Up Blue site!

Support Our Autism Awareness Month Corporate Partners

April is Autism Awareness month and there are many corporations getting involved throughout North America. Retailers and restaurants including Toys”R”Us, T.J. Maxx, Lindt, White Castle and more are supporting Autism Speaks this month. Check out the complete list of locations and be sure to support these businesses in April. 

Second Annual Treasure Coast Walk Attracts ThousandsThousands of enthusiastic supporters turned out for the Treasure Coast Walk Now for Autism Speaks, in Jensen Beach, Fla., which raised over $83,000. Spring Walk season continues on Saturday, April 10 in Cumberland, Md. Visit to join a Walk event near you.

Brain Imaging Study Expands Scope, Seeks Families

The Infant Brain Imaging Study, funded in part by Autism Speaks, is designed to better understand early brain development in very young infants at risk for autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The study is expanding to include infants with Fragile X Syndrome and is seeking families with an infant who has an older sibling with ASD or with an infant diagnosed with Fragile X. Learn more about the study and find out how to participate. 

Autism Insurance Reform Bills Move Quickly Forward Through the New York State Legislature

The New York State Senate autism insurance reform bill, S.7000a, gained significant ground this week as it passed the Senate Insurance Committee. An identical companion bill, A.10372, introduced in the Assembly by Assemblyman Joseph Morelle, chairman of the Assembly Insurance Committee, with the key co-sponsorship of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, was also passed this week by the Assembly Insurance Committee. Both bills have the potential to give New Yorkers one of the most comprehensive laws in the country aimed at ending autism insurance discrimination.

IAN Research Report: From First Concern to Diagnosis and Beyond 

This IAN Research Report focuses on the path that parents with a child on the autism spectrum take, from first worry to deep concern, from evaluation to diagnosis and beyond. What is this journey like? Read this report based on information submitted by families participating in IAN Research, as well as the comments they have shared.

In Their Own Words – Andrew’s Second Home, a Robbery and a Very Happy Ending

Imagine, as the parent of a child who has autism, that his special needs school has been robbed. Thieves have taken everything, from electronics to a class pet. This week’s “In Their Own Words” demonstrates how even in the darkest of times, the goodness of strangers and compassion will prevail.

Coming Soon

March 27 
Bay Area Walk Now for Autism Speaks Kick-off Event (Stanford, Calif.) 
New York City Walk Now for Autism Speaks Kick-off Event (Bronx, N.Y.) 

April 1 
Light It Up Blue (Worldwide) 

April 2 
World Autism Awareness Day (Worldwide) 

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