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Family Services Requests Community Grant Proposals

Autism Speaks is again seeking proposals to fund projects that will enhance the lives of those affected by autism spectrum disorders. Proposals for these family services grants are sought in the following areas: Recreation/Community Activities; Education; or Young Adult/Adult Services. Educators, trainers and service providers who work with individuals with autism are invited to apply.

Two State Autism Insurance Reform Bills Move Forward

This was a banner week for autism insurance reform, as SB 464 was passed by the Virginia Senate and HB 1311 was passed in the Missouri House. Thank you to the families and advocates who have helped bring these states closer than ever to joining the current 15 states that have ended autism insurance discrimination.

Lindt’s Chocolate Bunny to Raise Awareness and Funds

Lindt Chocolate announced the renewal of its partnership with Autism Speaks, with donations for gold bunnies purchased throughout the Easter season. You can further support Autism Speaks by sending free e-cards available on

 For each of the first 5,000 Lindt e-cards sent, Lindt will donate an additional $1 to Autism Speaks.

Largest Ever Autism Conference Held in Manila

Autism Speaks co-sponsored and attended the first-ever International Autism Conference with expert speakers from around the world. The three-day conference brought together parents, professionals and autism advocates from around the Philippines to address this much neglected public health problem.

Cards and Cars Raise Funds and Awareness in Chicago

Autism Speaks’ Chicagoland Chapter benefited from two exciting events this past week – The Chicago Auto Show’s First Look for Charity and Campbell for Kids Texas Hold’Em Poker TournamentBecome a fan of the Chicagoland Chapter on Facebook and stay up-to-date on news and upcoming events!

Help Our Facebook Community Grow to 100,000 Fans!

The Autism Speaks Facebook community, growing larger by the day, now has more than 92,000 members sharing information, advice and support. Become a fan of Autism Speaks on Facebook and ask your friends to do the same. Once we reach 100,000 members, we will reward 10 of our fans with prizes from the Autism Speaks online store!

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Sign up for Community Connections, a monthly e-mail newsletter by the Autism Speaks Family Services team, which increases opportunities and awareness for people with autism and their families in their local communities.

Each newsletter explores a relevant topic with practical tips on dealing with everyday situations, links to local resources, and stories from experts and families who share their successful experiences. 

In Their Own Words – All You Need is LoveIn this week’s essay, a mother shares how observing nine years of her daughter’s unusual behaviors finally led her to seek out a neurologist. Upon receiving a diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome and taking appropriate actions, her daughter is now succeeding both academically and socially.

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February 20 
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February 21
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