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Google Alert – autism
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Jul 11, 2008, 8:47 AM

Google News Alert for: autism

Expanded autism centre to close
BBC News – UK
A centre for autistic children is being shut, a fortnight after taking on eleven new care workers. Hyfrydle which is run by Denbighshire council, …
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Autism gene search turns up hope for treatment
Reuters – USA
By Maggie Fox, Health and Science Editor WASHINGTON, July 10 (Reuters) – Researchers studying more than 100 families prone to autism said they had …
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Scientists identify at least six genes linked to autism
SmartBrief – Washington,DC,USA
Researchers identified at least six genes associated with autism during a study of 104 families with history of the disorder. The study also found that a …
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Autism Linked to Genes That Govern Learning
Discover Magazine – New York,NY,USA
Researchers have discovered five new genetic defects that are linked to autism and that appear to share a common function: They’re associated with learning, …
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Study: Identification Of New Genes May Help Treat Autism
TopNews – Noida,Uttar Pradesh,India
Researchers are hopeful of being able to treat autism which is not a disease but the result of a range of genetic and environmental factors. …
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Autism bill is good, but at a price
Allentown Morning Call – Allentown,PA,USA
House Bill 1150, which requires insurance companies to cover essential autism services in Pennsylvania, now is law. Gov. Ed Rendell signed the measure, …
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Autism Could Be Caused By Failure To Trigger Genes In Early Brain …
Medical News Today – UK
An international team of scientists studying genetic causes of autism spectrum disorders by focusing on families where both parents shared a recent ancestor …
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US Researchers Identify Autism Genes Heightening Hope for Cure
eFluxMedia – USA
By Max Brenn A genetic research on more than 100 families prone to autism by Harvard researchers shed new light on the devastating disease affecting as many …
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Resources to Make Sense of Autism
ABC News – USA
A new study by researchers at the Children’s Hospital in Boston has located five new genes implicated in autism that may provide families new hope for …
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Study Finds New Genes That Can Cause Autism
TheMedGuru – Chandigarh,India
by Neelam Goswami A team of international researchers claimed to have discovered an array of new genesdefine that may cause autism, a chronic and often …
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Google Blogs Alert for: autism

An Evolving Understanding: New Study About Autism Genes
By Kristina Chew, PhD
By analyzing the genes of 88 families from the Middle East, Turkey and Pakistan in which cousins married and had autistic children, researchers have found clues to the neural impairments associated with autism. …
Autism Vox –

Gene discoveries yield autism clues
By [+] -=jOshuA aNdrEws=-([+] -=jOshuA aNdrEws=-)
In autism, some scientists have suggested that it is in during the “pruning” or removing phase that autism happens – so without adequate pruning, there would be a huge messy web of connections that are very hard to make sense of. …
Exceedingly… –

Fringe autism treatment could get federal study
By Not Autism
The treatment removes heavy metals from the body and is based on the fringe theory that mercury in vaccines triggers autism — a theory never proved and rejected by mainstream science. Mercury hasn’t been in childhood vaccines since 2001 …
Not Autism –

People of the Spectrum of Autism (PSA) Panel Event
By asaconference
Valerie, diagnosed with Asperger’s, has son on the Spectrum, initiated a school for high-functioning children with autism. Dena Gasner has an 18-year-old son, over three years re-evaluated her life through the eyes of autism. …
ASA National Conference –

Chelation Is Part of Autism Cure
The article says that it has never been proven that mercury is a cause of autism. The article does not mention that mercury has never been proven to be safe for children, and it has never been proven NOT to be a cause of autism. …
Health and Wellness News from… –


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