Archived | ASA: Artwork on Holiday Cards Newsletter | Circa October 8, 2008

Now you can have artwork created by individuals with autism reproduced on holiday cards!

Dear Genevieve,

A few weeks ago I wrote to tell you how the Autism Society of America is celebrating the creativity and diversity of the autism community by inviting submissions to our unique online art exhibition.

The response to our call for art has been overwhelming. I hope you’ve had the opportunity to visit the art exhibition and enjoyed seeing the wonderful art on display. If you haven’t yet visited, I urge you to do so at your earliest opportunity. I guarantee that you’ll come away impressed by the breadth of creativity, and more convinced than ever that people with autism are special in so many ways.

And if you see some art you especially like, I have great news to share…

Now you can have select art from the exhibition be professionally reproduced on holiday greeting cards!

Ordering your cards couldn’t be easier, simply look for the greeting card icon Card Available indicating the art is reproducible… click on it. On the page it leads to look for the link on the left column called “ASA Artist’s Gallery”, find your artist by name and follow the prompts on the site.

The Autism Society of America is delighted to provide you with this opportunity. Just imagine how exciting it could be to send holiday cards featuring your choice of art, and in that way help spread the word about the diverse creativity of individuals on the autism spectrum!

You’ll find the cost reasonable to create your unique cards, calendars and other products… and don’t forget that most of the proceeds will go to help us better the lives of those living with autism through new advocacy strategies to raise autism awareness, early diagnosis and intervention, and treatment guided research.

But you must hurry… The holidays are just around the corner and you’ll be certain to want to send the best holiday greeting cards ever, the cards that have your choice of artwork by people with autism reproduced in all its glory!

Thank you again for being a friend and helping us to advance our vital mission to improve the quality of life for every American affected by autism, and their families.


Lee Grossman
President and CEO
ASA Member since 1991
Parent of a son with autism

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