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Coronavirus UK: Death rates of people with autism have DOUBLED | Daily Mail Online

The dramatic U-turn comes after it had previously reassured the deaths of people with learning disabilities and autism in England had been ‘within expected range’.   The dramatic U-turn comes after NHS reassured figures were normal Analysis shows deaths in those with a learning disability doubled this year  The NHS has now admitted the stats warranted […]

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Disabled people could become ‘even more isolated’ as lockdown eases | Express & Star

Many of the social-distancing measures introduced are leaving people with disabilities feeling anxious – and potentially choosing to stay home.   Disabled people are at risk of becoming “even more isolated” as the world implements the social-distancing measures needed to open up parts of the economy. New guidelines coming into force on Saturday mean pubs, […]

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Anti Semitism in 2020 | Fierce Autie

During most problems in society, the Jewish people are usually to blame by white supremacy. This is especially true now. There is no doubt that now is a racially tense time. This is the time for different minorities to band together. The Jewish community has been standing for the Black community as soon as the […]