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 📢 Call – To – Action !!! 🎸🎶 Alert Germany to Kerri Rivera !

A media outlet called Brisant posted the story about the big Genesis 2 #BleachCult bust! 🎉 But Kerri Rivera (G2 protégé) is hiding in Germany, unbeknownst to them! German media has yet to expose her !

Please inform them about Kerri while they’re for once talking about it ! Kerri has mentioned hiding, and is dismantling her site now while activists are documenting it. So now is the time we do this.

Brisant is basically a German TMZ News. They do have reach!

*Brisant removes comments containing links, so please avoid! I’ll try a hashtag, and I’ll let you know if they allow it!*


This C.T.A. has 3 steps:

1. Comment on Brisant’s post (link below), telling them they urgently should expose Kerri Rivera, whom is living in Germany, and why she needs to be stopped. (She is another huge MMS scammer!)

2. Help this Call-To-Action get seen, via ❤’s / shares / groups

3. Post a screenshot here of your comment and/or any questions!


This is the first time German media has covered this topic. We need to boost this post as much as possible.

Brisant’s post is at:

Also you can try messaging them this article:


Thank 💚 You ! 🎸🔉🎶

#StopMMS #StopKerriRivera #EndQuackery #ActuallyAutistic #ProudlyAutistic #AutisticSelfAdvocacyMovement

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