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Netflix’s “Disclosure” Reconciles Trans Pain and Joy | Bitch Media

It’s a noteworthy watch considering the way that films prior have represented trans people.

I used to think I was alone in wanting to fake my own death. I had a basic plan: Sneak out of town in the dead of night, move to a new city, and start a new life with a new name. My family would eventually realize I’d left; my former friends would mourn me; and I would live anew, safe in the sanctuary of my new identity. This was how I fought to cope with my identity as a transgender person for the decades leading up to my eventual coming out. This experience of feeling helpless, scared, and invisible is shared by many trans people, and it’s an experience I had yet to see onscreen until I watched Chaz Bono discuss this same pervasive line of thinking in Disclosure, a Netflix documentary directed by Sam Feder. It was the first time I watched someone on television openly discussing something that had lived in my mind for years.

Source: Netflix’s “Disclosure” Reconciles Trans Pain and Joy | Bitch Media

By Eve Reiland

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