Florida Man headlines, pandemic edition: The Most Absurd stories – Film Daily

Although most of us are on lockdown, Florida Man hasn’t been able to be restrained during this global pandemic. Take a look at these headlines.

Florida Man sprays entire city with disinfectant

In Wauchula, Florida, David Terrell, was given the green light to spray the entire city with hydrogen peroxide. The Florida Man already owned an agricultural spraying company and brought the idea to the city himself. He told reporters “I think every city in the d@*n United States needs to be doing it. No questions asked.”

Florida Man sells toxic cure for coronavirus

A Florida Man and his three sons are facing criminal charges for selling a toxic solution to tens of thousands of people as a cure for Covid-19. The Florida family sold chlorine dioxide, a powerful bleach used for industrial water treatment, as well as bleaching textiles, pulp, and paper under the name “Miracle Mineral Solution”. […]

Source: Florida Man headlines, pandemic edition: The most abusrd stories – Film Daily

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