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What unites Trump and RFK Jr. is a scary denial that they’re anti-vaxxers. | Circa January 10, 2017

They present their skepticism of established science as reasonable. And that makes their views even scarier. By SUSAN MATTHEWS JAN 10, 20175:35 PM This post has been updated with new information since it was originally published. President-elect Donald Trump met with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Tuesday morning, a sit-down that might at first seem odd: […]

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Better than bloodletting? Despite centuries of change, the treatment of mental illness remains largely the same – The Correspondent

There is a famous 19th-century painting of Philippe Pinel (1745-1826) striding through the courtyard in Salpêtrière hospital in Paris at the height of the French Revolution calling for the removal of the chains restraining the psychiatric patients. The scene is an imagined one – or, rather, a condensed and heightened version of reality – but […]

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Review: ‘Love on the Spectrum’ is kind, but unrepresentative | Spectrum | Autism Research News

BY SARA LUTERMAN  /  18 AUGUST 2020 The Netflix series that follows 20-something autistic adults looking for love is well intentioned but fails to capture reality and is riddled with bad advice. +++++++++++++++++++ I’m autistic, and I got engaged in July. We don’t have any couples’ pictures — it’s hard to ask someone else to snap a photo […]