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#QuackWatch | Rally of support for Golden Sunrise to be held Saturday | News |

A rally of support for Porterville’s Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical on Saturday morning. A rally of support for Porterville’s Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical on Saturday morning. The event will begin at 8:30 a.m. Saturday at Centennial Park. During that time a town hall type of meeting will be held, said Jeanne Schuyler, a spokesperson for the event. […]

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Meet Larry Cook, the Villain Behind the Facebook Anti-Vaxx Scandal | Circa February 11, 2020

This guy literally takes money for spreading lies.   Lizzy Francis February 11, 2020 Last week, NBC News reported that a 4-year-old boy from Colorado had died from the flu — and that users of a Facebook group, “Stop Mandatory Vaccination,” might have helped contribute to his death by offering anti-vax-style medical misinformation. The man behind that group is Larry […]

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Anti-Vaxxer Larry Cook Has Weaponized Facebook Ads in War Against Science | Circa February 15, 2019

Julia ArcigaReporter Updated Feb. 19, 2019 11:39AM ET / Published Feb. 15, 2019 10:18PM ET  With more than 50 people infected by a measles outbreak in Washington state, health officials are working to convince parents to get their children vaccinated. A thousand miles away, a man named Larry Cook is trying to undermine all that. Two weeks ago, he launched a GoFundMe campaign, […]

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My Autistic Sparkle & Kodie Dalmayne Interview | Neurodiversity News

Recently, I’ve had the privilege to interview “My Autistic Sparkle,” 7, and Kodie Dalmayne, 21. They are both daughters of Emma Dalmayne, an autistic activist who is well-known for exposing the MMS bleach cult. My Autistic Sparkle and Kodie are setting the standard for a new generation of activists by following in their mother’s footsteps. […]

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All Gone. All Gone. | Life 1.0 – The Ghost Beneath Me | Eve Reiland

(This event took place about 1996 and I wrote about it years later, as seen here, sometime in 2008). Autism entered our lives with a scream and a bang.* The noise, drama and haunting words of ‘all gone’ added to ignorance covered up the fact, but it was autism all the same. Jared and I […]