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Are you Autistic? Maybe, but Probably Not.
By Tsara Shelton (about the author) For the holidays I would love to spread a little understanding and a few autism answers. I have recently been surprised by the ongoing rumor that autism is sometimes just an excuse for bratty kids or bad parenting. 
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National Autism Association Applauds Harkin Bill to Protect Students from 
MarketWatch (press release)
19, 2011 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — A federal bill introduced Friday to protect school children from dangerous, and sometimes deadly, restraint and seclusion practices has the support of the National Autism Association (NAA). The Keeping All Students 
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Autism charity warns of Christmas scammers
Oakleigh Monash Leader
Cerebral Palsy Education Centre CEO Garry Prigg was shocked to learn that scammers have been soliciting false donations over the phone. A GLEN Waverley charity supporting children with disabilities is furious scammers have been pretending to collect 
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Oakleigh Monash Leader
Young Fircrest Artist Raises Money for Autism Class One Drawing at a Time
She is raising money to purchase an iPad for her twin brother’s autism class by creating custom drawings. However, there’s even more to her campaign than you might think. By Kim Thompson Mollee Cunningham is one determined young lady when it comes to 
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Study Shows Promise For Kids With Autism
Getting a kid to sleep can be a difficult task, but for children with autism it can be an even greater challenge, but there is hope thanks to a new Vanderbilt University study. Bed time for a child can be as trying for some kids as it is for the parent 
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Book of the Year: Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism
PLoS Blogs (blog)
By Steve Silberman A sea-change is happening in the world of autism. Just a few years ago, the loudest voices in media coverage of the issue were those of Jenny McCarthy’s “warrior moms,” defending Andrew Wakefield’s now-discredited claim that the 
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PLoS Blogs (blog)
Vikettes beat Spartans while raising Autism awareness
WFMZ Allentown
The Central Catholic girls earned a 54-37 win over Southern Lehigh Monday, all while helping to raise awareness and funds to fight Autism. The teams got together and sold T-shirts and other items to raise money for the local chapter of the national 
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Missing Boy With Autism Found Wandering In Cold
WRTV Indianapolis
INDIANAPOLIS — A 9-year-old boy with autism who was missing overnight was found wandering about a mile from his home early Monday. A passerby called police just after 3 am when he spotted the boy walking without shoes in the middle of 10th Street near 
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My autistic cousin – General Autism Discussion
Last night, and my autistic cousin, who’s 8, he was just playing on his DSi, not interested in much social interaction and when his two year old sister kept trying to play music on their radio. I got the idea that it bothered him (he unplugged it after 
Wrong Planet Asperger / Autism Forums
Do YOU Have Autism? Take This Survey to Find Out! – AGE OF 
By Age of Autism
By Julie Obradovic The LA Times in their series on Autism last week referenced a British study that appeared to have found 1% of adults with the disorder, the equivalent to the rate among children right now, as a way…
Autism Blog – The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism: The Book 
By Sullivan
I was fortunate to attend IMFAR (the International Meeting For Autism Research) this year. One big part of what made that experience valuable to me was the opportunity to spend time with Shannon Des Roches Rosa. Shannon’s writing can be 
Left Brain/Right Brain
LD Resources » Blog Archive » Autism Controversy: Over-Diagnosis 
By Sanford
On boingboing dot net, there’s an interesting discussion going on about the growing number of people getting diagnosed Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The controversy involves the question of whether or not this represents a true 
LD Resources

Warning: This is quackery. “Natural” and other products and pseudoscience practices promoted for ‘healing, recovery, cure’ have harmed and even killed Autistics worldwide.

Now these extremist fringe groups have expanded to gaslight the public on COVID-19 ‘cures, healing, recovery” and many other arenas.

The Autistic Community is very familiar with quack cults like this … we’ve been battling the same group who has had many identifying names like: Mercury Mob/Mafia, Antivaxxers, BleachCult, and many more. These folks and organizations also battle Autistics over our civil and human rights. The names change, but the people, for the most part, remain the same.

Fact: Autistics are not vaccine-injured and Vaccines do not cause autism.

PSA: Don’t Drink Bleach.

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Facing Autism in New Brunswick: Autism Fiction Award 2011
a. LA Times Autism Series, Alan Zarembo b. Nature Journal Changing Perceptions: Power of Autism, Laurent Mottron c. ASAN Claim to Represent People With…/autism-fiction-award-2011.html

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