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Adventure Church: We Are Not Monsters, A Devil Or An Evil To Be Fought | Eve Reiland | #KeepTowerVibrant

Tower District is my home. This is my family’s community and we are not monsters. We are a community. We are not an evil to be fought. Now we’ve gone from being concerned residents about the effect this purchase will have on our art and cultural district to being evil … and really? My family […]

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The Tower District: Home, Family, Community | #SaveTowerTheater

Keep Tower sacred and safe for all people and families. We raise our children here with love, compassion, humanity and acceptance. I have incredible concern over the health of the Tower District with Adventure Church attempting to buy our cultural and historic landmark, The Tower Theater, to make it their church. The location of this […]

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Life With Seizures & Other Neurological Oddities | Eve Reiland

Just an average evening at our house here in Fresno, California. So much of these FND* episodes I don’t remember – though I know they are easier than before due to two new medications. For that I’m grateful. It takes less time to recover from them than before as well. My husband, Bill, is with […]

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In Regards To The Pending Sale Of Tower Theater To Adventure Church in Fresno | Eve Reiland

Wrote an email to my councilmember about the pending sale of Tower Theater to a Adventure church. They responded. I’ll share both communications below, as well as information on how to contact council members, related news and community advocacy efforts. Please connect with Save Tower Theater on Facebook for the most recent information and calls […]

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All Autistics Matter. All Of Them. | #AllAutistics | Eve Reiland

Description: Eve Reiland speaks on Tik Tok video about All Autistics Matter. Transcript: All Autistics matter. There’s a movement on social media that I’m seeing right now that’s separating the autistic population into two categories. Those categories are autistics who matter and autistics who don’t matter. Including myself there’s five Autistics in my immediate family. […]