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All Autistics Matter. All Of Them. | #AllAutistics | Eve Reiland

Description: Eve Reiland speaks on Tik Tok video about All Autistics Matter.


All Autistics matter.

There’s a movement on social media that I’m seeing right now that’s separating the autistic population into two categories.

Those categories are autistics who matter and autistics who don’t matter.

Including myself there’s five Autistics in my immediate family.

Each one of us has our own strengths challenge and disabilities.

So according to these ‘autism segregationists’ some of my autistic children are worthy of compassion, humanity support and care, and some of my autistic children are not.

So which of my autistic children matter? Before you answer that I already know. They all do.

All of my Autistic children matter. All of them.



Eve Reiland

By Eve Reiland

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