Is It Ethical When Researchers Circumvent Autistic Adults In Autism Genetic Studies? | Eve Reiland #BoycottSpectrum10K #ActuallyAutistic

White puzzle completed with one piece missing. Missing piece shows blue color with white text: research.

Eve Reiland

When I see ‘Autistic children’ listed in autism genetics research, I see organizations, corporations and scientists bypassing Autistic adults and the Autistic community to get their hands on our genetics via vulnerable, poorly informed and gaslighted parents.

I really don’t get the ethics on these studies. An Autistic child can’t give informed consent on participating in a study that will likely lead to eugenics for Autistics based on autism risk. And who knows where these gene banks end up – how many times they’ve been sold – gifted and lifted.

Why do so many of these parent-founded autism organizations and foundations circumvent an entire minority group of adults? Their majority stakeholders in fact? Because Autistic adults are telling them NO.

We said NO back then to #Aut10k & #AGRE

We said NO when Spark! tried to reach out to Autistic adults in our private groups.

We said NO and middle finger to #MSSNG yesterday.

We said No again today with #BoycottSpectrum10K.

So next time you see one of these studies touting 800, 4,000, 10,000 autistic children participated – know that’s 800, 4,000, 10,000 Autistic adults they avoided.

Instead of including us … they excluded us and created the ‘autism community’ instead.

Instead of including us … they ignored us, dehumanized us, then created parent warriors and brand ambassadors to battle us. They literally called us names, and still do.

Instead of including us … they divided us from our families, our support systems and our communities. They stripped money out of our communities to fund autism research, not support Autistic lives.

Instead of including us … they raised and generated billions of dollars by fear-marketing autism with a sprinkle of celebrity influencers to speak for us, even in legislation. They did this in the name of finding an autism ‘cure.’

They said, by 2025, Autism would be a word known in only history books. Autistic adults be damned. (And we are – damned to lifetimes of stigma, abuse, poverty, homelessness, incarceration as care and we can’t forget our incredibly high suicide rates.)

Instead of including us … they promised hope for a better future, but forgot to say only if your Autistic child gets early intervention and ABA at $60k a year, and then, at best it’s effective in only up to 50 percent of cases – – no wait, in 2020 it was proven to not work at all, but shh. No one wants to hear $that. (Ding! Now chime in ABA apologists.)

Instead of including us … they invested in millions upon millions of dollars trying to prove vaccines were linked to the rapidly increasing autism rates. They promoted pseduoscience and quackery as healthcare. Autistics were harmed.

Instead of including us … they fed us bleach.

Instead of including us … they sought to find us a cure.

Instead of including us … they converted us. And if that didn’t work, it’s us, the Autistics that’s failed.

Instead of including us … they called us a hate group.

Instead of including us … they asked parents for their Autistic child’s spit.

…and still do.

#ActuallyAutistic #AllAutistics #LightItUpGold #BoycottSpectrum10k #BanABA #AutisticDignity #DisabilityRights #autismAcceptance

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