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Martyr Parents: For The Sake Of Your Child, Please Evolve | Eve Reiland

The tragedy narrative of these martyr parents and birthday parties. WTAF? OK, martyrs and parents who wallow in the tragedy narrative to social media and make a spectacle of themselves, I’m going to be as kind as I humanly can with this: Grow Up and Evolve. Parenting any child is not for the faint of […]

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The High Stakes Of Unemployment And Inclusive Hiring

By Nancy Doyle I became an occupational psychologist because I wanted to make things better for as many people as possible. As a child and teen in the recessions of the 80s and 90s, I saw first hand the enormous burden of workplace exclusion and the damage it did to psyches. In my studies I […]

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Love On The Spectrum Is Getting A Second Season

Screen Australia has commissioned the upcoming season of the show at the ABC, after the announcement they’re investing $1.3million of production funding. The show will be split into four parts and we’ll get the privilege of meeting a completely new group of a-typical people looking for love and my heart is WARM. […] Source:

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Cambodian American mental health data show need for culturally sensitive programs, community leaders say

58 percent of participants in a Cambodian community wellness program reported reductions in effects of past trauma, while depression-related symptoms declined for 69 percent. Sept. 9, 2020, 10:11 AM PDT By Agnes Constante A community wellness program is demonstrating the benefits of culturally sensitive mental health care for Cambodian Americans, a group that has struggled to […]

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Bosnian documentary festival goes online with reduced feature lineup

The 3rd Al-Jazeera Balkans International Documentary Film Festival (AJB DOC) will take place online between Sept. 11-15, with a reduced number of features, in light of the novel coronavirus. The annual international documentary film festival, based in Bosnia-Herzegovina, of which Anadolu Agency (AA) is acting as global communication partner, is set to invite cinephiles and […]

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Neurodiversity in the Mainstream News | Neurodiversity News

With Steve Silberman’s NeuroTribes having been released in 2015, it seems that the Neurodiversity Movement had reached a new chapter in its development. As a result, the concept of neurodiversity has slowly permeated into the mainstream media. A great piece of evidence that proves that notion is Lilia Luciano’s article (and video accompanying it), “Adults with Autism: […]

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Interview: Wolf Traverso | Neurodiversity News

This time on Neurodiversity News, I have gotten to interview Wolf Traverso, who is also called the Autistic Wolf. The wolf is her spirit animal and serves as a wonderful metaphor for her mission as an advocate. Neurodiversity News: Tell me about yourself and what you do. Wolf Traverso: My name is Wolf and I […]