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Quack Exposed: Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical/ Pharmaceuticals | Fierce Autie

Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical Incorporation was founded in 2016 by Huu Tieu who is 58 years old. They claim their products were in development for 30 years. They produce “alternative herbal(botanical)” products by creating “gene rejuvenation. “ The Conditions Golden Sunrise Nutraceuticals Claim to Treat Alzheimers disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis Autism  autoimmune disorders (which ones? All […]

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Autism And Homelessness Toolkit | UK | Circa April 2019

Introduction There is increasing awareness that autistic people maybe at higher risk of homelessness. This has not previously been recognised, and as a result services may not be meeting the different needs of autistic people experiencing homelessness.Autism is a lifelong disability that affects how people perceive the world and interact with others. It is likely […]

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Quackery Exposed: Functional Medicine | Fierce Autie

Functional medicine is a form of alternative medicine that includes a large number of unproven and disproven methods and treatments of different diseases, illnesses and disabilities. They claim that they focus on the “root causes” of different conditions based on interactions between the environment and the gastrointestinal, endocrine, and immune systems to create “individual treatment […]

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Adults with autism spectrum disorders | PubMed | Circa May 2012

Abstract In the decades since autism was first formally described in the 1940s, there have been major advances in research relating to diagnosis, causation, and treatment approaches for children with this condition. However, research into prognosis, outcomes, or effective interventions for adults with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) is much more limited. In this paper, we […]

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New research sheds light on why suicide is more common in autistic people | Jane Icke | Circa August 21, 2018

People who hide their autism by ‘camouflaging’ to try to fit into society, or who don’t receive correct support are at higher risk of suicide, according to new research. Researchers from the University of Nottingham’s School of Psychology and the Universities of Coventry and Cambridge worked closely with a group of autistic people who had […]

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Apology Issued To Almalti Family By Fierce Autistics And Allies

We apologize to the Almaliti family. We are trying to push back to protect marginalized people. It was not our intention to target a grieving family. I hope you can forgive us. – Fierce Autistics & Allies | September 29, 2020

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The Toxicity of “Autism Parent” Memoirs | Shannon Rosa | Circa March 3, 2018

By Shannon “When others don’t understand our [autistic] experiences and don’t understand how our actions are meaningful responses to them, they may think our actions don’t make sense, and try to control them in ways that are harmful to us.” –Elizabeth Bartmess I think it should be OK to write about our autistic kids. […]