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All Autistics Matter. All Of Them. | #AllAutistics | Eve Reiland

Description: Eve Reiland speaks on Tik Tok video about All Autistics Matter. Transcript: All Autistics matter. There’s a movement on social media that I’m seeing right now that’s separating the autistic population into two categories. Those categories are autistics who matter and autistics who don’t matter. Including myself there’s five Autistics in my immediate family. […]

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The Toxicity of “Autism Parent” Memoirs | Shannon Rosa | Circa March 3, 2018

By Shannon “When others don’t understand our [autistic] experiences and don’t understand how our actions are meaningful responses to them, they may think our actions don’t make sense, and try to control them in ways that are harmful to us.” –Elizabeth Bartmess I think it should be OK to write about our autistic kids. […]

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Martyr Parents: For The Sake Of Your Child, Please Evolve | Eve Reiland

The tragedy narrative of these martyr parents and birthday parties. WTAF? OK, martyrs and parents who wallow in the tragedy narrative to social media and make a spectacle of themselves, I’m going to be as kind as I humanly can with this: Grow Up and Evolve. Parenting any child is not for the faint of […]

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Careful when Parenting an Autistic Child. Destruction of Their Property Can be Traumatic | Fierce Autie

When someone destroys something you love, you would be upset. When it is done when punishing an autistic child or any child, it can cause trauma.  Autistic children and adults attach themselves to certain objects. These objects bring comfort and can bring someone out of a crisis or meltdown.  There has been a rise of […]

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Chronic pain sufferer Daisy Hoskins finally gets diagnosis after decades of doubt

Daisy Hoskins lives with chronic pain and has spent her life trying to find out why. As a child, she would go to hospital with severe muscle soreness only to be told her pain was imaginary. Ever since, medical professionals have dismissed her suffering as a result of weight gain and poor mental health. One […]

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VIDEOS: Justice For Osime Brown Campaign | Paul Wady

Justice for Osime Brown Campaign Published September 5, 2020 | Paul Wady Autistic Inclusive Meets joined forces with the Justice for Osime Brown campaign at an Extinction Rebellion protest at the treatment of asylum seekers outside the Home Office, Whitehall on the 4th of September 2020. Janine Booth, Emma Dalmayne, Osime’s family and the Labour […]

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Statement about the Shooting of the 13. year old Autistic Teen in Utah | Fierce Autistics And Allies

TRIGGER WARNING!!! An Autistic child is shown injured after being shot by law enforcement. Video, images and interviews include injured child and traumatized parent. Here at Fierce Autistics and Allies, we condemn the shooting of 13 year old Linden Cameron. His mother called the police in Gendale, Utah for help because he was running away […]