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Snapshot | Google alerts – autism | Circa October 27, 2008

Google News Alert for: autism New ways to diagnose autism earlierAbilene Reporter-News – Abilene,TX,USABy Jeremy Singer-Vine Scientists have begun looking for signs of autism in children as young as a few months. Diagnosis allows parents to initiate …See all stories on this topic BRITT EDWARDS: Clarity in autism approachGeelong Advertiser – Geelong,Victoria,AustraliaMANY of us know of someone who is autistic. An increasing number of […]

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Movie Review: Vaxxed | LBRB | Circa April 2, 2016

By Matt Carey Andrew Wakefield’s film, VAXXED, opened today in a theater in New York. Mr. Wakefield somehow convinced Robert De Niro to break the rules of the Tribeca Film Festival and personally insert the film into the lineup of TFF. When this was discovered, Mr. De Niro first defended his decision and, after getting […]

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Snapshot | Google Alerts – Autism | Circa July 1, 2014

autismDaily update ⋅ July 1, 2014 NEWS  Irish TimesAutism Spectrum Disorder study finds trained dogs keep children saferIrish TimesParents of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) report that assistance dogs keep their children safer and calmer and promote a more positive …Flag as irrelevant  Advocate shows autistic people how to have safe encounters with policeLos Angeles TimesPeople on the autism spectrum often have trouble socializing […]

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COVID19 meets the antivaccine movement

COVID19 meets the antivaccine movement Peter J. Hotez∗ Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer The CDC just reported steep declines in the number of American children receiving their routine immunizations. Data from the Vaccines for Children Program (which provides one-half of federally purchased vaccines) and the Vaccine Safety Datalink, find that the US national COVID19 […]

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Texas: Ground zero for the politicization of school vaccine mandates – Science-Based Medicine | Circa March 5, 2018

David Gorski on March 5, 2018 Vaccine policies and school vaccine mandates have traditionally been as close to a nonpartisan issue as there can be in the US. Unfortunately, in Texas antivaccine activists and conservative activists threaten to change that. The antivaccine group Texans for Vaccine Choice has formed an unholy alliance with antiregulation conservative activists to […]

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A med student’s blueprint for joining the fight against anti-science | American Medical Association

To fight anti-science, a new generation of physicians must vocally contribute to the public discourse. Here’s how med students can position themselves to do that. If there is an antidote to anti-science, Peter Hotez, MD, PhD, believes he knows what it is: more credible voices speaking in large forums. “One of the reasons we have […]

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Conspiracy Extremists are sabotaging 5G towers with razors and needles – BGR

Anti-5G extremists are going to intense lengths to stop the rollout of 5G in places like the UK.  Telecom workers have reported finding things like razor blades and needles hidden on towers that th… Source: Conspiracy extremists  are sabotaging 5G towers with razors and needles – BGR (fyi: original headline uses a mental illness slur.)