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Deconstruction | Autism Speaks PR: The ‘Pin is In’ at the Golden Globes

Press Release: January 16, 2007 The ‘Pin is In’ at the Golden Globes as Stars from Heroes, 30 Rock, The Office and Others Show Their Support for Autism Speaks Summary Sia is not the first celebrity to disappoint the Autistic community. The Golden Globes nods towards Sia’s problematic movie, “Music,” felt like salt grounded into a fresh wound. Yeah, […]

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From Sia To Saving Tower Theater: Rain Dove Chats With Eve Reiland | #ActuallyAutistic #AllAutistics

Via >> I’m feeling so fortunate to be heard! Recently, I reached out to Rain Dove on Instagram to share about the challenge we have in Fresno, California to protect our Arts & Culture community here in The Tower District. Adventure Church is attempting to bully their way into the community by purchasing The Tower Theater. They […]

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Divergent Flair & Autistic Style: An Introduction To My New #AutisticFashion Project | EVE REILAND

Introduction to my new project focused on fashion and advocacy at >> I love Autistic Fashion & Divergent style. The Autistic and Divergent communities have a definite flair for expression from super colorful glam sparkle to casual but iconic t-shirts, muted colors and comfort wear.  Quite often Autistic and Divergent fashion doesn’t reflect today’s […]

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Agitators For Adventure Church Use Mental Illness Slurs In The Name Of Jesus #SaveTowerTheater | Eve Reiland

I have no patience for people who promote, dehumanize and belittle people who live with mental illness. None. One in five will experience mental illness in their lifetime. One in 17 live with a severe mental illness. Guess what? I am that one and live with #PTSD and #FND. I’m angry that agitators for Adventure […]

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The Ripple Effect Of Adventure Church On Autistic People | Eve Reiland

The ripple effect of Adventure Church bullying our Tower District community, in the name of Jesus, scares the hell out of me. I am Autistic, pansexual and just plain different than the normies in this area. Growing up in the Central Valley was incredibly difficult and often traumatizing due to my being different and incapable […]

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Adventure Church: We Are Not Monsters, A Devil Or An Evil To Be Fought | Eve Reiland | #KeepTowerVibrant

Tower District is my home. This is my family’s community and we are not monsters. We are a community. We are not an evil to be fought. Now we’ve gone from being concerned residents about the effect this purchase will have on our art and cultural district to being evil … and really? My family […]

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The Tower District: Home, Family, Community | #SaveTowerTheater

Keep Tower sacred and safe for all people and families. We raise our children here with love, compassion, humanity and acceptance. I have incredible concern over the health of the Tower District with Adventure Church attempting to buy our cultural and historic landmark, The Tower Theater, to make it their church. The location of this […]