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Life With Seizures & Other Neurological Oddities | Eve Reiland

Just an average evening at our house here in Fresno, California. So much of these FND* episodes I don’t remember – though I know they are easier than before due to two new medications. For that I’m grateful. It takes less time to recover from them than before as well. My husband, Bill, is with […]

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In Regards To The Pending Sale Of Tower Theater To Adventure Church in Fresno | Eve Reiland

Wrote an email to my councilmember about the pending sale of Tower Theater to a Adventure church. They responded. I’ll share both communications below, as well as information on how to contact council members, related news and community advocacy efforts. Please connect with Save Tower Theater on Facebook for the most recent information and calls […]

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All Autistics Matter. All Of Them. | #AllAutistics | Eve Reiland

Description: Eve Reiland speaks on Tik Tok video about All Autistics Matter. Transcript: All Autistics matter. There’s a movement on social media that I’m seeing right now that’s separating the autistic population into two categories. Those categories are autistics who matter and autistics who don’t matter. Including myself there’s five Autistics in my immediate family. […]

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What Are You Going To Do About Your Celebrity Bully Problem, @AutismSpeaks? Autistic Mother of Autistic Kids Asking

I was already NOT a fan of @AutismSpeaks in 2008. I am a mother of Autistic kids. I am Autistic. William Shatner believes me to be ‘misguided’ about Autistic activism and, I suppose, raising my kids to be self-advocates, and making sure I state #AutisticAndProud so loudly the younger generation can find us and know […]

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Thank You For Helping To Break The Myth, Fresno

Wow, I’ve been getting an incredible amount of feedback from the information shared to help break the myth about suicide and Autistics, also our homelessness crisis. I just want to say thank you to all of you who took the time to read and are now helping to break the myth here in the Fresno-area […]

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Open Letter To Fresno: Help Break The Myth About Autistics & Suicide

Good morning, I wanted to share some information about Autistic people and the crisis our population is facing with suicide, homelessness and lack of accessibility to services, support and care in the community.  Also, I’d like to specifically share the ‘Autism and Homelessness” toolkit .pdf created by multiple organizations, professionals and Autistics together in the […]

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I’m taking a break for the foreseeable future from activism and updating this site.  I’ve been intensely focused on divergent revolution since 2014 and the time has come to rest, recover and prevent burnout from becoming anymore intense than it is right now.  For as long as I live, though, I will remain dedicated to […]