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The tweet represents a new target in the president’s ongoing attacks on administration scientists – The Washington Post

Trump on Saturday accused the Food and Drug Administration of being part of the “deep state” and said regulators were holding up vaccines and treatments. ++++ “All I can say is that for vaccines, what the President wrote on Twitter this morning is not true,” Peter Hotez, dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine […]

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Paul Offit causes a stir | Left Brain Right Brain | Circa April 1, 2008

On 31st March, Dr Paul Offit wrote an op-ed piece for the New York Times entitled Inoculated Against Facts in which he discussed the recent Poling situation. In response to this, David Kirby wrote a blistering response entitled Lies My New York Times Told Me (Or, Why Trust a Doctor Who Says 10,000 Shots Are Safe?). Offit says: […]

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Vaccine-Skeptic Just Means Anti-Vaxx | Circa June 21, 2019

Why Jessica Biel, Marianne Williamson and others can’t be “skeptical” of proven facts. Earlier this week, Marianne Williamson, one of too many 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, told a crowd of her supporters in New Hampshire that mandatory vaccination is “draconian” and “Orwellian,” and she co-opted pro-choice rhetoric to describe her position.“The U.S. government doesn’t tell any citizen, […]

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Snapshot | Google Alerts – Autism | Circa November 22, 2008

Google Alert – autismgoogle alertsx Google Alerts googlealerts-noreply@google.comNov 22, 2008, 9:04 PM Google News Alert for: autism Researchers attempt to solve the mystery of autismInside Bay Area – Oakland,CA,USABell and 100 other mothers are participating in the MARBLES study, or Markers of Autism Risk in Babies Learning Early Signs. The study focuses on women who […]

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Snapshot | Google Alerts – autism | Circa November 9, 2008

Google Alert – autismgoogle alertsx Google Alerts googlealerts-noreply@google.comNov 9, 2008, 10:13 PM Google News Alert for: autism New study links autism, wet weatherKnoxville News Sentinel – Knoxville,TN,USAChildren in California, Oregon and Washington are more likely to develop autism if they lived in counties with higher levels of annual rainfall, …See all stories on this topic […]

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Fauci Unfazed as Scientists Rely on Unproven Methods to Create COVID Vaccines | California Healthline

  By Liz SzaboAugust 3, 2020 With millions of lives on the line, researchers have been working at an unprecedented pace to develop a COVID-19 vaccine. But that speed — and some widely touted breakthroughs — belie the enormous complexity and potential risks involved. Researchers have an incomplete understanding of the coronavirus and are using technology […]

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Blame and magical thinking: The consequences of the autism “biomed” movement – Science-Based Medicine | Circa February 25, 2013

David Gorski on February 25, 2013 That the myth that vaccines cause autism is indeed nothing more than a myth, a phantom, a delusion unsupported by science is no longer in doubt. In fact, it’s been many years now since it was last taken seriously by real scientists and physicians, as opposed to crank scientists and physicians, […]