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Consumers should be alert to new scams during coronavirus crisis

Agencies urge consumers to remain vigilent to phony deals during pandemic   When three Bradenton men were charged last month with selling a “miracle cure” for COVID-19, they joined a growing list of alleged scams tied to the coronavirus outbreak. In Florida, the Federal Trade Commission has received more than 9,300 reports of fraud from […]

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Want A Side Of Measles With That?  Anti-vaxxer Jenny McCarthy & Hubby Open A Wahlburgers In Midst of Pandemic

St. Charles got the star treatment this week when Donnie Wahlberg opened the newest Wahlburgers. Here’s a look at other restaurants with famous names backing up the food. Source: Wahlburgers is the latest celebrity-owned restaurant in the suburbs. Here’s a look at others

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An Autistic Perspective of Anti-Vaxxers, Miracle Mineral Solution and Other Quackery | Eve Reiland

Across America parents are feeding their children bleach as a cure for autism. This is a deadly phenomenon and one that Autistic activists and allies have been battling worldwide for years.  Yes, administering industrial-strength bleach as a drug, marketed as Miracle Mineral Solution, is absurd, toxic and has harmed and killed people around the world.  […]

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Snapshot | Google Alert – autism | Circa January 13, 2013

Google Alert – autismgoogle alertsx Google Alerts googlealerts-noreply@google.comJan 13, 2013, 8:51 PM News 10 new results for autism Autism, Breast Cancer, and the Changing Miss America PageantDaily BeastThe 92-year-old competition has struggled to reclaim its significance, but enthusiasm for a handful of inspiring contestants—one with autism, another bravely taking on breast cancer—prove that the pageant […]

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TGA initiates court proceedings against MMS Australia and director Charles Barton for alleged unlawful advertising | Mirage News

The Department of Health’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has initiated proceedings in the Federal Court of Australia in response to the alleged unlawful advertising of Miracle Mineral Supplement (also referred to as Miracle Mineral Solution) (MMS), dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) and other medicines by Southern Cross Directories Pty Ltd trading as MMS Australia. Source: TGA initiates […]