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When Did We Start Taking Famous People Seriously? – The New York Times

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Help Autistics Protest The Anti-vaxxer #Bleachcult Conference in Chicago This May | #ProtestAutismOne2020

OMG this is fabulous! Fierce Autistics and Allies is now listed on Facebook! Much love to you Amanda Seigler for gathering us together in an non-profit organization here in the USA to help Autistics fight for our human and civil rights, and to protest abuse and other horrible practices aimed at Autistic people today. Autistics have been […]

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Get Emma Dalmayne To Chicago To Protest @AutismOne 2020 | Fundraiser by Fierce Autistics And Allies

Help Fierce Autistics and Allies get Emma Dalmayne to the US to protest AutismOne with us!! Emma Dalmayne is an autistic rights activist and advocate living in the UK. She works for Neurodivergent Labour and is a publicity and communications officer. Emma is the CEO of AIM: Autistic Inclusive Meets Group. This organization was created for […]

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#QuackWatch | Open Letter To ABC30 | Report On Real Autistic Community Issues & Stop Promoting Quackery As Treatment | Eve Reiland

We’ve got an issue here in Fresno, California with quackery posing as real healthcare for Autistic and other vulnerable people. Last year, a news piece about new alternative therapy for Autistic children was aired on ABC30. The piece introduced a four-year-old Autistic boy and his mom, presumably non-Autistic, and then it went on to describe […]

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Wakefield Gets Message From Autistic Community In Paris | Louis Brunel, Crimson Âû

This event took place in Paris, France June 13, 2019. Autistic activist Louis Brunel attended the Antivaxxer event with Andrew Wakefield, and delivered a message from the Autistic community. One of the most badass moments of 2019. Facebook:

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Wake. Bake. Caffeinate. Weekly w/Eve Reiland

Welcome to Wake. Bake. Caffeinate. Weekly | Episode 1 In this week’s presentation includes activity by Autistic Activists in London during the Vaxxed 2 premiere, an ASL lesson on name signs, latest in divergent news, Autistic history and more. Autistically, Eve Reiland Intro Divergent News – Autism One | A Brief Introduction – Petition | […]

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Joe Mercola’s Maze Of Vaccine Denying Organizations | Science 2.0

  The anti-vaccine movement tries to portray itself as scrappy grassroots outsiders standing up to Big Pharma and Big Government, but it’s nothing of the kind, finds a recent Washington Post exposé. The National Vaccine Information Center, which claims to be the largest “awareness” non-profit opposing vaccines, actually gets almost half of its funding from corporations. And their […]